DryvIQ Unveils Solutions to Migrate and Govern Unstructured Data at Scale


Company Introduces Enterprise-Grade Solutions for Intelligent File Migration and Automated Policy Enforcement

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 1, 2022 – DryvIQ, a leading enterprise data management (EDM) provider, today announced the availability of its latest Migration and Governance solutions that enable organizations to intelligently understand and protect enterprise content.

DryvIQ is innovating the way businesses identify and manage vulnerabilities within their unstructured data by providing a platform that enforces security controls, supports compliance requirements, and mitigates corporate and financial risk. DryvIQ leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to enable organizations to gain deep insights by accurately classifying content, no matter where it’s located. Configurable automation rules intelligently enforce policies and support compliance while eliminating manual user intervention and errors.

“Enterprises have massive volumes of unstructured data, and many of them struggle to safely move, manage, and protect it. It’s a significant problem that’s not going away,” says Sean Nathaniel, president of DryvIQ. “The DryvIQ platform continually safeguards enterprise content and reduces corporate risk by enabling organizations to seamlessly migrate and govern unstructured data across all content systems. The result is an ideal content residency environment in which enterprises can ensure the right data resides in the right place, with the right access controls, which ensures increased security and supports compliance while also reducing costs.”

Migrate Unstructured Data with Intelligent File Migration

In most organizations, both the volume of data and the number of applications deployed to manage it all are expanding rapidly. These rising content silos are casting shadows over growing piles of unstructured and dark data, obscuring security and ownership, sensitivity, and any other potential risks lurking within.

The DryvIQ platform is built for moving enterprise content at scale, managing complexity, and ensuring zero user disruption to consolidate systems, optimize user efficiency, and support compliance. DryvIQ integrates with existing storage platforms and business applications and conducts continuous, cross-repository discovery scans to surface potentially risky data such as Personable Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive IT-related data, and more.

Learn more about intelligent file migration.

Automatically Govern Unstructured Data with Rules-based Policy Enforcement

With unstructured data growing at an incredible pace, safeguarding this vast and ever-growing mountain of information is a near-impossible challenge. This lack of control opens organizations up to loss of sensitive data or intellectual property, operational inefficiency, negative market and brand impact, and large fines.

DryvIQ empowers organizations to maintain continual control and oversight of enterprise content with advanced AI-driven governance that is always on. The DryvIQ platform continuously monitors for sensitive information or incorrectly applied labels that can expose organizations to loss of intellectual property, financial damage, or other vulnerabilities. At-risk data can be flagged, moved, quarantined, permissioned, reclassified and labeled, or otherwise acted upon based on a series of configurable rules and policies. The platform automatically processes policy rules while notifying administrators and other stakeholders in real-time.

DryvIQ will be showcasing the platform at both the 2022 RSA Conference (booth #961), June 6 – 9, 2022, in San Francisco, and the Gartner Security & Risk Summit (booth #903), June 7 – 10, 2022, in Washington D.C.


About DryvIQ

Trusted by more than 1,100 organizations around the globe, DryvIQ (formerly SkySync) enables organizations to safeguard what matters through data-driven awareness. The DryvIQ platform enables organizations to intelligently understand and protect their enterprise content through advanced artificial intelligence by providing a single platform that seamlessly unifies three core dimensions of enterprise data management to discover, migrate and govern unstructured data. Organizations leverage DryvIQ’s speed, scale, and accuracy to gain deep insights, content residency, and policy enforcement while transforming their digital warehouse into digital intelligence.

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