One platform to understand & protect unstructured data


Unified platform for discovering, migrating, and governing unstructured data

DryvIQ is a A.I.-driven platform that enables organizations to intelligently understand and protect unstructured data — no matter the system or location it resides in.

The platform eliminates the need for organizations to maintain multiple, siloed applications to universally understand risk profiles, consolidate systems, and support regulatory compliance across an organization’s unstructured data ecosystem and business applications.

Proven to support enterprise-scale, the platform leverages modern advances in artificial intelligence to discover, migrate, and govern your unstructured data — providing continual insight to vulnerabilities, while automatically mitigating exposed risks.

Unified unstructured data governed by industry & compliance policies

The DryvIQ platform goes well beyond existing point solutions — proven at over 1,100 customers — the underlying unstructured data orchestration and integration layer integrates with all systems. Its advanced capabilities support enterprise-wide regulatory compliance by utilizing and automatically executing a common set of governance rules and polices while simultaneously amplifying the capabilities of existing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and security systems.

  • Leverages advanced artificial intelligence to accurately detect and catalog unstructured data
  • Delivers policy enforcement and compliance through automated system notifications and remediation actions
  • Integrates to third party solutions such as DLP, Rights Management and others
  • 2-way, read and write connectors integrate to any data repository
  • Fully customizable via the platform’s system developer toolkit (SDK)

"By working with DryvIQ we’re expecting to save more than $1 million dollars per year."

  • Simplified file storage and sharing for Schneider’s users across the globe, while maintaining the security and structure that users were used to.
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All in all, DryvIQ has been able to fully automate our process — it has been a great partnership for us.

Tushar Joshi, Global Manager Escape Notes Program

Deep system integration

The platform’s system connector options, openness, and depth of integration naturally enables broader functional capability.

The integration layer both reads and writes to any connected repository or system. The platform API enables integration to other systems such as Microsoft Purview, (Shield), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems.

Unmatched speed & scale

The platform was built for the enterprise — architected from the ground-up to manage petabytes of unstructured data at exceptional speed.

Unlike legacy approaches that leverage up to 16 parallel thread-writes to process or interrogate 16 files at once, the platform regularly exceeded 3,200+ parallel thread-writes and has proven to move, manage, and ingest 60+ terabytes of new unstructured data per day.

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Architected for the world’s most secure environments

Leveraged by over 1,100 customers, the platform was architected to meet the most stringent demands of highly regulated industries — from financial services and government, to the pharmaceutical and communications sectors.

The platform operates as a 100% security-neutral model, as it does not incorporate or use any type of proxy cloud service. All files and related data are streamed directly via HTTPS (256-bit encryption) from the origin o the destination system(s).

Limitless possibilities — leverage the DryvIQ platform’s SDK

The platform’s system developer toolkit (SDK) enables developers to extend, add, or enhance any platform capability. The plug-in capable architecture enables developers to integrate capabilities into other software or integrate any third-party software, including malware and virus applications into DryvIQ.

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Operates in multiple environments — deploys locally or host in any cloud

With an agile architecture, global enterprises can deploy the platform within any environmental setting — either Windows or Linux. The platform can be deployed locally or hosted within any private cloud or IaaS service — such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.