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Highly accurate, scalable, and advanced unstructured data discovery

DryvIQ’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) models were architected from the ground-up to use the latest advances in artificial intelligence to deliver enhanced accuracy and scale for classifying unstructured data.

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DryvIQ’s pre-trained A.I. models substantially reduce the time and effort required to deliver accurate results for PII, CCPA, customer-specific entity types and other regulatory compliance mandates.

  • Hundreds of pre-built classifiers for PII, forms, images, etc.
  • Configure, customize, or build your own custom classifiers
  • Assess internal and external sharing vulnerabilities
  • Create unified, in-depth inventory catalogs

A wide array of unstructured data classification methods

Select from existing policy templates of recommended classification rules — or customize them to meet your specific need.

File data is then analyzed by advanced pattern matching and multiple artificial intelligence modules — delivering highly accurate classification results:

  • Advanced pattern matching
  • PII identification and extraction
  • Document type classifiers
  • Standardized form matchers
  • Language detection
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Advanced pattern matching

DryvIQ’s A.I. engine substantially reduces false positives, improves accuracy, and discovers common values and keywords.

These can include social security numbers (SSNs), driver’s license number and photo, bank numbers, credit cards, financial account ID’s, government document ID’s, and many more.

  • Machine learning-driven document and image classifiers
  • Validation routines and keyword proximity
  • Pre-defined common regular expressions from an ever-growing library
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Document type classifier & standardized form matcher

Identifies and classifies a variety of documents and forms:

  • Identify documents across more than 1,000 classification categories
  • Identify over 5,000 Federal & State Government forms
  • Identify forms by name
  • Identify documents such as — resumes, bank statements, invoices, contracts, statements of work, court documents, catalogs, design files, HR files, reports, press releases
  • Identify IRS forms: W9, 1040, 1120, 1095-A, etc.
  • Identify FDA documents: 0356h, 3911, 3926, etc.
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PII identification and extraction

Identify and extract personal data from content via DryvIQ’s advanced A.I.:

  • Names, ages, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, social security numbers
  • Identify PII entities within structured forms — as well as unstructured text using deep learning technology
  • Leverage DryvIQ’s govern module to take action with “policy packs” based upon PII type such as, “label all documents with addresses as sensitive”
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Language detection

Identify and group documents by language:

  • Detect and identify an item’s written language from over 175 supported languages
  • Use the item’s language criteria for matching rules or to optimize additional artificial intelligence processing
  • Use confidence scores to identify non-natural languages (code, machine generated files, etc.)
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