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Automated rules-based policy enforcement

DryvIQ’s holistic approach streamlines governance and compliance by automating the movement, actions, access, and labeling of unstructured data.

Controlled by a unified set of configurable rules that are applied across all file and data sources — cloud or on-premises — organizations can automatically enforce corporate and regulatory policies negating the reliance upon user input and manual processes.

DryvIQ Governance

Enforce policies to fully automate actions for unstructured data

Based upon classification labels, permissions, usage, and other parameters — customizable policy “actions” can be automatically invoked. Actions are a unique sequence of configured rules that perform one or more tasks such as:

  • Notify users, group or individual
  • Apply Box Shield label
  • Quarantine the selected file(s)
  • Move file
  • Remediate the selected file(s)
  • Remediate file
  • Send for approval
  • Modify permissions
  • Delay action
  • Remove permissions
  • Delete file
  • Remove shared links
  • Email
  • Invoke customer action
  • Apply MIP label
  • Send data to other system

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Third-party application & system integration

The platform’s System Developer Toolkit (SDK) can be also leveraged to integrate data and launch events within:

  • Microsoft’s Information Protection (MIP)
  • Box Shield
  • ServiceNow (ticketing system)
  • Vera, Microsoft, and Symantec Encryption for Information Rights Management (IRM)
  • Vera, Microsoft, and Symantec Encryption for Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Trigger workflows within 3rd party document management (DM) systems
  • Trigger workflows with 3rd party enterprise content management (ECM)
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Configurable policy rules

One of the primary goals of classifying unstructured data within a policy are the “rules” that place it within a specific policy group(s). Most all organizations utilize classification as an element of their governance policies, along with written guidelines for users to contemplate when making decisions on determining classification and subsequent actions.

DryvIQ supports this process with an out-of-the-box entity library, A.I. modules, and the ability to extend or customize both. You can define the rules to meet your business needs regarding:

  • Specific policies
  • Guidelines
  • Regulations
  • Use cases (as necessary)
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