Continuous data risk detection, oversight & protection


Corporate risk lies within the unknown

In a world without boundaries, data travels and lives, everywhere. Growing at a staggering 50% a year, the explosion of emails, attachments, files, images, PDFs and other unstructured data types has created a vast digital warehouse — sprawled across multiple systems with varying levels of user access.

Before it can be secured, it needs to be deeply understood, classified, and organized — Where is it? What is it? Is it sensitive or valuable? Is it damaging Who has access to it? Is our data being shared externally?

To address this challenge, organizations have largely relied on siloed point solutions and end users to manually classify files and follow data governance policies — often with inconsistent results. This lack of control echoes across the business, from loss of intellectual property and large regulatory fines, to a tarnished brand and diminished customer confidence. It stifles compliance, reduces corporate agility and impedes data breach response times and scope.

DryvIQ Governance

Continuously protect your unstructured data

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, DryvIQ continuously monitors new and existing files for sensitive information with incorrectly applied labels that may expose your organization to risk.

DryvIQ’s policy orchestration engine ensures your compliance and governance rules are automatically executed — without the need for user input. At-risk files are secured based on a series of configurable policies and automated actions while simultaneously notifying system administrators, stakeholders, or data stewards in real-time.

Status and process history are tracked, including when actions were taken to safeguard files. This enables companies to easily disclose compliance measures to auditors at any point within the information lifecycle.

Comprehensive dashboards and reports reveal sensitive or vulnerable files that may have been found across your repositories — and the financial impact of each violation could represent to your organization.

"DryvIQ is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure."

  • AstraZeneca saved millions of dollars with zero business disruption while consolidating 100+ systems.
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What we liked about DryvIQ was its ability to connect to multiple systems.

Luke Temple, Services Design Architect

Proactive unstructured data discovery and safeguarding

Beyond identifying risks, the DryvIQ platform proactively executes actions to mitigate them. With automated oversight and remediation, your organization will continuously and confidently:

  • Ensure files are classified properly for both discovery and safeguarding
  • Ensure files are labeled properly so DLP policies can be applied
  • Ensure permissions are set correctly so sensitive files are not at risk
  • Ensure that documents of a particular type — resume, I9, invoice, etc. — are stored in an appropriate location for proper governance and end-user discoverability

Permissions and shared-link risk mitigation

Beyond deep insights and labeling of files, DryvIQ audits both access permissions and external sharing rights — identifying files that may be inappropriately shared with external collaborators and removes both stale and unauthorized shared links and permissions as required.


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