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Maximize productivity and business value from your enterprise files

DryvIQ orchestrates both simple and advanced migrations across any cloud service, network file system or legacy ECM platform. From highly scalable and A.I.-driven intelligent file migrations, to synchronizing on-premises files to any cloud service, DryvIQ delivers at scale.

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DryvIQ works with organizations of any size and across any industry. We have seen significant opportunity present itself across the following enterprise file migration use cases.

  • Infrastructure Modernization
    When organizations have large volumes of unstructured data, typically across geo-distributed sites, and are driven by cloud transformation initiatives.
  • Redundant Cloud Service
    When organizations have upcoming storage service subscription renewals, driving cost avoidance and consolidation.
  • Remote Operations
    When organizations perpetually need to retain and manage critical project data coming from a wide variety of distributed sites and offices.

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"I don’t know what DryvIQ does behind the scenes, but it certainly works."

  • JDA’s workplace efficiency has improved as users no longer have to spend time copying and sharing documents from various platforms via email.
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JDA Software migrates 1,400 users to Office 365

DryvIQ is a true enterprise-class piece of software.

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Full-fidelity file migration with reduced overhead & costs

Extending beyond basic “lift and shift” or user led approaches, DryvIQ preserves all aspects of file fidelity — including metadata, permissions, sharing profiles, unique source system attributes, and links — as well as automatically detecting broken .XLS links, zipping forbidden file types, repairing filenames and more.

To further reduce IT costs and risk, DryvIQ automatically maps users, groups, permissions, accounts, and metadata across systems.

Compared to legacy and other solutions’ first pass file transfer resolution rates of 90-95%, DryvIQ’s transfer rates often exceed 99.99%. This 500x increase dramatically reduces the level of IT overhead required to resolve flagged file transfers.


Large-scale enterprise file migration

As the global leader in large-scale, advanced file migration solutions, DryvIQ was designed to fully integrate, orchestrate, and automate enterprise file migrations of any size and complexity for your organization.

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Intelligent enterprise file migration

DryvIQ’s advanced analytics and classification extensions enable organizations to gain deep insight into their file landscape. Discover sensitive, high-risk, obsolete, duplicate, redundant and dark data — while intelligently classifying and sorting files with artificial intelligence.

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Effectively migrate without business disruption

DryvIQ’s unique continuous copy mode executes file transfers in the background — completely transparent and enabling users to move to the new platform at the organization’s own pace — with zero impact to existing work streams or system integrations.

DryvIQ ensures that target system files are up-to-date in near real-time and precisely mirror the source system.

Using advanced autoscaling technology, DryvIQ Cloud intelligently optimizes migration throughput to maximize performance without disrupting business operations or requiring additional hardware.

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Synchronize on-premises files to any cloud service or platform

DryvIQ’s bi-directional synchronization enables organizations to integrate and sync on-premises platforms with cloud storage services to unlock seamless collaboration and maximize productivity while preserving on-premises performance and system-of-record.

Seamless to users, new files and file changes from either system are automatically reflected in the other.

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Advanced admin experiences

DryvIQ delivers a user-friendly, web-based experience that is optimized for PC and tablet interfaces — enabling you to monitor and control your file transfers anywhere.

For advanced scenarios, DryvIQ also provides a robust Command Line Interface (CLI), ReST-based API (Postman) — as well as Microsoft .NET interfaces.

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