High-scale, high security data solutions for the federal government


Architected to transfer & manage petabytes of unstructured data

The DryvIQ engine is architected to scale both up and out, easily managing up to billions of files. It has advanced algorithms to optimize system connectivity rate limits, as well as incorporates multiple read/write threads and connection pools to maximize throughput.

For large, multi-petabyte deployments or compressed project timelines, DryvIQ has demonstrated file transfer speeds in excess of 60 terabytes per day within highly optimized environments.

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Meets the most demanding security requirements

DryvIQ is deployed on your own hardware, behind your firewall and 100% under your control. All files are streamed directly from the source to destination system(s) — not through a proprietary intermediary presence point or any other secondary cloud software.

What’s more, files are fully encrypted (256-bit government-grade security) and check-summed to preserve integrity. Agencies can deploy DryvIQ within their own Azure, AWS or Google IaaS, providing unlimited scalability and enterprise-grade security.

Enable a complete audit trail

Post migration, a validation balance sheet provides a reconciliation report of all files from the source to the destination. This enables your organization to prove to a governing body that all files were thoroughly audited during the migration process.

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"DryvIQ is a true enterprise-class piece of software."

  • JDA’s workplace efficiency has improved as users no longer have to spend time copying and sharing documents from various platforms via email.
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I don’t know what DryvIQ does behind the scenes, but it certainly works.

Mark Fling, VP of Infrastructure & Operations

Understand your agency-wide file landscape

DryvIQ’s advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) models were architected from the ground-up to classify files at both scale and enhanced accuracy, without the need for significant levels of hardware or large volumes of curated documents.

Its pre-trained A.I. models dramatically reduce the timeline and effort required to deliver exceptionally accurate results for PII or, agency-specific entity types and other regulatory mandates.

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Fully Integrated to Microsoft GCC and GCC-H

DryvIQ is a Microsoft Managed Partner that has been authorized to offer special high-security Office 365 integrations specifically for governmental use.

  • Connectors for both GCC (Government Commercial) and GCC-High connectivity
  • All core software is 100% made in the United States
  • ITAR registered
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Purchasing channels

Government Reselling Partner: Fedstore  

Government SDVOSB Delivery Partner: Starboard Industries

  • Starboard Industries is a Michigan-based SDVOSB with IT expertise that can extend to anywhere around the globe. Coupled with DryvIQ, our team is comprised of industry and functional experts with the sole mission of delivering best-in-class file migration and integration solutions.
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