Large-scale, high-speed advanced enterprise file migration


For any system or use case of any size

DryvIQ is designed to integrate and orchestrate complex enterprise file migration initiatives like legacy ECM platforms, multi-source and location transitions, and multi-petabyte volumes without impacting users, existing workflows, or system integrations.

As the most powerful and open enterprise file migration platform available, DryvIQ is architected to meet virtually any complex file migration use case at exceptional speed and scale.

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Architected to transfer & manage petabytes of unstructured data

DryvIQ scales both up and out, easily managing billions of files. The platform intelligently optimizes system connectivity rate limits, incorporates multiple thread writes and uses advanced autoscaling technology to maximize throughput without disrupting business operations.

DryvIQ has been proven to reach file migration speeds of more than 100 terabytes per day, even within complex, muti-petabyte projects.

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"Looking at the functionality, we discovered that DryvIQ was a perfect fit."

  • Dyno Nobel migrated data from more than 45 global remote sites into Office 365, and moved over 3,000 network home drives into the cloud with no disruption to operations.
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Dyno Nobel completes Office 365 migration with zero user impact

DryvIQ was the solution that made this Office 365 migration happen — and it was almost entirely transparent to our end users.

Chris Pack, Enterprise Infrastructure Lead

Map extended metadata — define rules and filters

For systems that support metadata, DryvIQ offers advanced mapping that can be controlled by rules and filtering capabilities.

For extreme edge-cases where real-time system integration is not practical or possible, DryvIQ provides Export-Transform-Load (ETL) capabilities for extended file metadata, permissions, and file versions.

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Meets the most demanding security requirements

DryvIQ is ISO 27001 certified. The platform’s highly secure architecture ensures data is fully encrypted, isolated, and protected – at rest and in transit – in all deployment scenarios.

Provides a complete audit trail

Post migration, a validation balance sheet provides a reconciliation report of all files from the source to the destination. This enables your organization to prove to a governing body that all content was thoroughly audited during the migration process.

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Cross platform & edge case management

As a mandatory requirement to any enterprise-wide integration strategy, DryvIQ’s proprietary algorithms automatically detect, manage, and resolve cross-system friction.

When file synchronization and advanced file migration behaviors are required, system administrators can fine tune the system to prioritize the most recent files, source or destination files, mirror file deletion on source, detect & remediate embedded links and preserve file versioning.

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Core and advanced functionality

  • File path length limitations
  • Hyper transfer pooling
  • Varying permission schemas
  • File version conflict management
  • Forbidden file types
  • Deleted file management
  • Internal sharing rights
  • External sharing rights
  • Metadata field mapping
  • File exclusion | inclusion
  • User & group mapping
  • Folder exclusion | inclusion
  • Permissions mapping
  • Advanced file filtering
  • Preserve author
  • Configurable filters
  • Preserve timestamps
  • Linked file detection & remediation
  • Forbidden characters
  • Rate limitation management
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Global delivery services to assist our customers

The DryvIQ team is here to assist you — from cloud storage migration assessment, to change management, to a fully managed service approach.

Our team helps enable enterprises to immediately realize value in their DryvIQ and storage platform investments through industry expertise and proven best practices.

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