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Gain data visibility. Enact proper controls.

Business never stops, and neither does the growth of your unstructured data. Gain complete visibility and control over that data, whether it’s stored in the cloud or on-premises. Know who has access to what and how it’s been shared. Ensure your sensitive information is protected. Identify and eliminate unnecessary documents and files. Do more with your data.

Unlike one-time discovery projects that drag on for months, DryvIQ helps you stay on top of the growth while proactively managing and protecting your assets. The payoff? Increased efficiency, decreased risk, and budget relief across the board.

Don’t just store your unstructured data – explore it

DryvIQ’s patented AI-driven discovery engine continuously scans and inventories your unstructured data. It offers exceptional speed and scalability, allowing you to discover valuable insights, including:

  • Categorization of your documents and files based on their content
  • Identification of sensitive information like PII, PHI, financial data, and IT-sensitive details such as user credentials, intellectual property, or other potential risks
  • Access and sharing permissions, including ownership, users, groups, and links
  • How much stale, obsolete, or unnecessary data you’re storing

More than just a one-time data discovery

Armed with insight, DryvIQ empowers you to constantly monitor, categorize, and automate actions based on classification rules, permissions, usage, age, sensitivity, and other parameters to ensure data relevance and security. Unleash the full power of DryvIQ and:

  • Automatically modify or revoke permissions
  • Control internal and external sharing rights
  • Update or apply labels
  • Effortlessly organize, move, or delete files
  • Utilize built-in approvals, workflows, notifications, and reporting to streamline your unstructured data management
DryvIQ Unstructured Data Insights for Data Minimization

Nicolet National Bank strengthens its security posture with DryvIQ

DryvIQ was able to scan and identify Nicolet National Bank’s IT data, assess its sensitivity, and classify it accordingly – delivering accuracy rates up to 92 percent. In addition to a stronger security posture, Nicolet now has the intelligence to make decisions that can increase efficiencies in data management.

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Nicolet Bank Building

Between the speed and accuracy of the platform and working with the DryvIQ team, it’s just been incredible.

Ryan Meyer, Information Security Analyst

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100 Terabytes Per Day

DryvIQ can scan and migrate unstructured data up to 100 TB per day, at petabyte scale

50+ Petabytes of Unstructured Data

DryvIQ globally manages more than 50 PB of unstructured data, for some of the world’s largest enterprises.

40 Platform Connectors

Discover, classify, and migrate documents across more than 40 content repositories, including all major cloud and on-premises storage systems.