90% of your data is unstructured

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Classify and proactively act on your unstructured data across any repository – all on one platform – at speed and scale.

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DryvIQ Solutions Designed For Your Unstructured Data Management Journey

Maximize ROI Through Effective Unstructured Data Management.

Increase efficiency by continuously managing your unstructured data.

  • Decrease the time and effort required to effectively analyze, derive insights, and make informed decisions from your data.
  • Eliminate manual intervention and human errors by automating data classification and organizational tasks.

Decrease the risk hidden in your unstructured data.

  • Secure sensitive information in unstructured data to minimize legal and financial risks.
  • Enforce data privacy, protect intellectual property, and prevent unauthorized access.

Reduce costs associated with managing and storing unstructured data.

  • Reduce your overall data volume and optimize your storage and management costs.
  • Eliminate unnecessary duplicates by identifying and removing outdated or irrelevant data.
  • Minimize the financial and operational costs associated with non-compliance and data breaches.
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Discover and organize your unstructured data at speed and scale.

Whether you’re just starting your unstructured data management journey or you’re somewhere in the middle, gain complete visibility of your largest and fastest-growing data segment for informed decision-making.

Powered by DryvIQ’s patented AI-based discovery engine, continuously scan and classify unstructured data across your cloud and on-premises storage repositories to understand:

  • How much of it is sensitive or at risk
  • What’s been shared and who it’s been shared with
  • How old it is
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Continuously and effortlessly take action on your unstructured data.

Proactively organize, move, or manage your documents and files across on-premises and cloud repositories with the built-in automation available in the DryvIQ unstructured data management platform.

Create any number of policies using easy-to-configure actions to:

  • Modify or remove permissions
  • Control internal and external sharing rights
  • Update or apply labels based on risk profiles
  • Organize, move, or delete files
  • Leverage built-in approvals, workflows, notifications, and reporting
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Move petabytes of unstructured documents and files to optimal storage repositories.

Migrate, copy, or synchronize billions of files across 40+ on-premises or cloud-based repositories with zero impact on users and workstreams.

  • Scalable, secure file transfer
  • Unrivaled migrations speeds
  • Preserve all aspects of file fidelity, including permissions and sharing
  • Identify and sync newly created and modified content

But don’t just lift and shift—leverage DryvIQ’s proprietary Intelligent Migration methodology with built-in file analysis to migrate the files that matter. And archive and delete the files that don’t.

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"DryvIQ is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure."

  • AstraZeneca saved millions of dollars with zero business disruption while consolidating 100+ systems.
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Experience the value of DryvIQ’s unstructured data management platform with a sensitive data discovery assessment.

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