Transform Your Digital Warehouse — into Digital Intelligence

The DryvIQ platform delivers deep insights into your entire unstructured data ecosystem. All unstructured data, no matter where it’s produced or stored, is automatically classified and labeled using advanced artificial intelligence.

One set of rules deliver efficient data discovery and automated governance policies that support regulatory compliance and reduce risk while simultaneously eliminating user intervention and errors.

Welcome to DryvIQ — elevate your digital intelligence.

Analyze, classify, and catalog unstructured data — across the enterprise

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities in your organizations’ unstructured data with advanced artificial intelligence

  • Detects and labels dark, sensitive, critical, and intellectual data
  • Identify and assess both internal and external file sharing risks
  • Leverage hundreds of pre-built classifiers for PIl forms, doc types, images, and more
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Data-aware, high-scale enterprise file migration

Consolidate systems, optimize user efficiency, and support compliance

  • The global leader in large-scale, advanced file migration solutions
  • Advanced artificial intelligence classification targets, sorts, and organizes files
  • Transfers up to 60 terabytes per day, with zero impact to users or work streams
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DryvIQ Platform Migration Dashboard

Automated rules-based policy enforcement

Continuously govern and secure unstructured data — while supporting compliance and reducing risk

  • Enforce consistent policies across your unstructured data ecosystem — cloud or on-premises
  • Automated actions preserve governance policies, enforce security measures, and provide notification on identified risks and resolution actions
  • Out-of-the-box “policy packs” and realtime dashboards and alerts automatically keeps you up-to-date with compliance regulations and reports for CCPA, GDPR, and other compliance regulations
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"DryvIQ is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure."

  • AstraZeneca saved millions of dollars with zero business disruption while consolidating 100+ systems.
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What we liked about DryvIQ was its ability to connect to multiple systems.

Luke Temple, Services Design Architect

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