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Unstructured Data

Protect your sensitive data with best-in-class accuracy and speed

You Can't Protect What You Don't Know

The risk lurking within dark, unstructured data presents organizations with greater security exposure and corporate risk.

Shining a light on this dark data identifies hidden risks and vulnerabilities that can damage corporate image, break customer trust, and present unexpected costs.

This intelligence prevents risk, enables securing data at rest, improves perimeter defense system performance, increases data breach responsiveness, and elevates corporate security posture.  

  • Data Discovery | Uncover hidden risk and sensitive data.
  • File Migration | Execute migrations with speed and fidelity.
  • Policy Automation | Enforce compliance and security.
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Data Discovery

Uncover hidden risk and sensitive data.

Driven by advanced A.I., analyze, classify, label, and catalog unstructured data with accuracy, speed and scale.

Identify both internal and external access and sharing permissions.

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File Migration

Execute migrations with speed and fidelity.

Migrate, copy or synchronize files across 35+ systems.

Leverage migration and simulation capabilities to inventory, classify, sort, filter, and organize files. Transfer petabytes per day with proven speeds up to 60+ TB per day.

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Policy Automation

Enforce compliance and security.

Automated actions enforce governance policies and security controls while eliminating user manual intervention, reducing costs, and eliminating errors.

Seamlessly produce detailed audit reports for CRPA, GDPR, and other compliance regulations.

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Sound too good to be true?

Our pilot offerings help you discover and understand how a large-scale project would function in practice. At the conclusion of a pilot engagement, you will receive a detailed assessment outlining:

  • Content Insights | Data discovery and classification.
  • Sensitivity Findings | Vulnerability and risk by category.
  • Recommendations | Steps required to remediate.

The assessment phase defines the framework, deliverables and expected business benefits for a broader solution.

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"DryvIQ is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure."

  • AstraZeneca saved millions of dollars with zero business disruption while consolidating 100+ systems.
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What we liked about DryvIQ was its ability to connect to multiple systems.

Luke Temple, Services Design Architect

Trusted by more than 1,100 organizations around the globe.

See how these organizations leveraged DryvIQ’s speed, scale, and accuracy to drive greater understanding, reduced time to value and safeguard their business.

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DryvIQ is trusted by more than 1,100 organizations around the globe.