Mitigate liability in Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures


Uncover hidden risks, protect valuable data and mitigate liabilities in M&A

Acquiring a new business entity can potentially mean acquiring unknown liability and risks buried deep within unstructured data. The explosive growth of this unstructured data – business content, including emails, PDFs, Office Documents, Images, and other file types – as well as the expansion of global data protection regulations have compounded the risk of these transactions, from pre-sale diligence to post-sale integration.

With DryvIQ’s automated data discovery, analysis and integration, your organization can reduce risk, maximize value, and streamline mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures on all sides of the deal.

Increase M&A diligence speed and effectiveness while reducing costs

Proper diligence can reduce transaction friction and mitigate risk, while also shortening the transition period. Whether you’re acquiring or divesting a business, DryvIQ will automatically analyze, catalog, and classify unstructured data to gain unparalleled visibility into your acquired or divested content.

  • Identify and sequester sensitive, liable, or risky data and address immediate vulnerabilities that may be absorbed during M&A
  • Protect intellectual property and sensitive information during a divestiture by properly identifying the data that needs to migrate with the divested business unit
  • Maximize business value by reducing the time-to-close and manual effort required during the diligence phase

Transition quickly with data-aware file migration and integration

DryvIQ’s file migration capabilities securely orchestrate large-scale file migration and consolidation initiatives across all major on-premises or cloud-based content repositories.

With DryvIQ’s “Continuous Copy” mode, shorten the transition period and get back to core business faster by automatically integrating the newly acquired data into your environment, without impacting users or existing business workflows.

  • Intelligently migrate, sort and organize files based upon AI-driven data discovery and classification
  • Preserve file metadata, permissions, sharing profiles, document versions, timestamps, and other attributes during the transition

Streamline your M&A with DryvIQ

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