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Minimize data. Maximize efficiency.

Unstructured data now makes up 90 percent of all enterprise data, and it’s growing rapidly. Costs are rising, threats are mounting, and managing silos of information is becoming impossible without proper visibility.

Scan and classify your unstructured data, then regain control of this ever-growing mountain of information through AI-driven data minimization. Reduce your storage footprint, optimize your costs, and minimize your risk.

Find and eliminate stale and unnecessary data

Growing unstructured data volumes means higher storage and management costs. Ongoing server maintenance, increasing cloud storage fees, and the additional software required to protect the data are straining IT budgets. Yet over 33 percent of an organization’s data is estimated to be redundant, obsolete, or trivial. Identify your stale and unnecessary data based on key attributes including:

  • Created Date
  • Last Modified Date
  • Last Accessed Date
  • File Type
  • Document Type Category
  • Location
  • Permissions & Collaboration

With these insights, you can reduce your storage costs by automatically migrating cold-tier data to archival and object repositories (such as Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3) or eliminating unnecessary files altogether.

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Manage your data growth

Keep up with rapidly growing unstructured data volumes through continuous data classification and management. Implement custom filters, notifications, and automated policies to effectively manage data based on its age, usage, and sensitivity. Identify and move or delete the right data, optimizing your storage capacity and enhancing data security.

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Migrate only what matters to lower storage costs

When it comes to file migration to a new storage system, reduce storage costs by selectively moving only your most essential data. Through Intelligent Migration, you can identify and categorize sensitive and outdated data and migrate only what you need to. DryvIQ will automatically sort files as you move to increase user productivity and mitigate risks in the new system.

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Reduce risk by getting rid of useless but sensitive data

Phishing and compromised user credentials are among the leading causes of data breaches, accounting for 40% of reported incidents. Proactively minimize risk and prevent breaches before they occur by automatically deleting, archiving, and protecting sensitive data that employees no longer need access to.

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DryvIQ Unstructured Data Insights for Data Minimization

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100 Terabytes Per Day

DryvIQ can scan and migrate unstructured data up to 100 TB per day, at petabyte scale.

50+ Petabytes of Unstructured Data

DryvIQ globally manages more than 50 PB of unstructured data, for some of the world’s largest enterprises.

40 Platform Connectors

Discover, classify, and migrate documents across more than 40 content repositories, including all major cloud and on-premises storage systems.