Meet Marcia McKniff, DryvIQ’s New Chief Sales Officer


DryvIQ is excited to introduce our new Chief Sales Officer, Marcia McKniff. Marcia brings nearly two decades of experience in infrastructure and enterprise data to DryvIQ.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Marcia to the DryvIQ team,” said DryvIQ CEO Sean Nathaniel. “As we embark on our mission to empower customers with a deeper understanding of their unstructured data, Marcia’s unparalleled expertise and relentless ‘winner’ mentality add an exciting dimension to our journey. The impact of her leadership is not just about joining our cause; it’s about transforming our commitment into tangible benefits for our customers. Marcia brings not only experience but a contagious enthusiasm that will undoubtedly elevate our endeavors to new heights.”

In her new role as CSO, Marcia will lead DryvIQ’s sales team, enhance sales operations, and apply her expertise to connect DryvIQ customers with AI-driven unstructured data management solutions that enable them to maximize the value of their enterprise data.

To welcome Marcia to DryvIQ, we sat down to discuss her experience in enterprise tech, what brought her to DryvIQ, and her predictions for unstructured data in 2024. The depth of the conversation served as a powerful testament to the leadership qualities we hold dear at DryvIQ, especially in an industry where innovation, transparency, and responsiveness are paramount. As we delved into various aspects of her professional journey and vision for the future, it became evident that Marcia’s approach aligns seamlessly with the standards we uphold, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in DryvIQ’s growth.

Welcome to the team, Marcia! Please tell us a little about yourself and your role here at DryvIQ.

Throughout my career, I’ve been influenced by great companies and even more by tremendous leaders. My passion for how technology can impact business began at Forrester Research as an Inside Sales Representative. Since then, I’ve spent over 15 years immersed in infrastructure, enterprise content, and unstructured data, most recently with Akamai Technologies, Box, and Confluent/Datadog.

I’m thrilled to join DryvIQ as Chief Sales Officer, and I look forward to working with solid leadership and a world-class team that can enable substantial outcomes from enterprise data for our customers.

With your extensive background in sales, can you share how your past experiences have shaped your approach to understanding and meeting the unique needs of DryvIQ’s customers?

I feel uniquely positioned to help serve and advise our customers as my focus has been on leading teams that support the Fortune 500 Enterprise, which has a complex set of requirements for technology solutions. Those solutions must support their current initiatives and provide outcomes for the business in a secure fashion. With this understanding and the scalable solutions that DryvIQ can offer, I’m confident that we can help our customers achieve success with their unstructured data.

What has you the most excited about joining DryvIQ?

I’ve personally recommended DryvIQ as a trusted technology to some of the world’s largest brands, first as a partner in file migration and later in data discovery and classification. The reputation, dependability, and culture at DryvIQ can unlock so many outcomes for enterprises today and ensure their unstructured data investments are maximized moving into the future.

I’ve seen the value of DryvIQ as a partner, and I can’t wait to show the rest of the world what is possible with their unstructured data. We live in an exciting time when new technologies like AI have the potential to help organizations innovate, improve, and accelerate like never before. I’m thrilled to join a team like DryvIQ, with an unstructured data management platform that empowers organizations to unlock their full data potential.

What do you think is the biggest challenge organizations face in 2024 regarding their unstructured data?

Mission-critical business processes depend on actionable data, and enterprises require access to that data to make well-informed decisions and remain competitive in the market.

Unstructured data has exploded in recent years, growing into a black hole of information that organizations have little to no insight into. As businesses increase their investments in technologies like generative AI, which depend on this data, it becomes imperative that they know exactly what they have, where their sensitive information lives, and who it’s been shared with – they need to feel confident in the quality of their data.

To ride this AI wave in 2024, enterprises must ensure that their unstructured data is accessible, analyzable, and – above all – actionable. I think that’s the challenge that more and more organizations are waking up to and will need to solve sooner than later.

What is something your new colleagues don’t know about you?

I’m located in San Francisco and enjoy everything the Bay Area offers. When I’m not working, I love biking and running. I’m also an avid surfer and eFoiler… water is my friend!


Please join us in welcoming Marcia to DryvIQ. We are excited to see what the future brings with her on board.

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