Classify and Manage Your Unstructured Data

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Scan, manage, and migrate your files at speed and scale

Increase Efficiency. Decrease Risk. Reduce Costs.

Data is an organization’s most important asset. Yet, many departments are struggling with the overwhelming complexity of unstructured data. According to some estimates, as much as 90% of all data is unstructured. And it’s growing at unprecedented rates.

Traditional solutions aren’t fast enough, flexible enough, or scalable for ever-growing data landscapes. The DryvIQ unstructured data management platform is different.

Through DryvIQ’s patented discovery engine, you have a scalable way to continuously scan and inventory all of your unstructured data (files, images, etc.) across your cloud and on-premises repositories, no matter where they’re located.

This is foundational for increasing efficiency, decreasing risk, and reducing costs. No matter where you are in your data modernization journey, augment it with a bottom-up approach that includes a thorough analysis of your unstructured data.  

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Data Classification

Keep up with the volume, velocity, and variety of your largest and fastest-growing data segment.

Powered by our patented AI-based discovery engine, continuously scan and classify your unstructured data with industry-leading speed, scale, and accuracy.

Gain a complete understanding of your data landscape and automatically classify it, including:

  • Categorization of your documents and files
  • How much of it is sensitive or vulnerable
  • Internal and external access and sharing permissions
  • How old your data is
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Continuous Management

Scan. Classify. Automate. Repeat.

With insights in hand, define actions based on classification rules, permissions, usage, age, sensitivity, and other parameters to increase efficiency and organization, minimize data vulnerabilities, or continuously reduce storage.

Accurately classify petabytes of unstructured data, choose one or more actions to enforce, then put your mind at ease — the rest is always managed.

  • Automatically modify or remove permissions
  • Control internal and external sharing rights
  • Update or apply labels
  • Effortlessly organize, move, or delete files
  • And more with built-in approvals, workflows, notifications, and reporting!
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Intelligent File Migration

Execute migrations faster than ever before.

Migrate, copy, or synchronize files across 40+ on-premises or cloud-based repositories at speeds of more than 100 TB per day at petabyte scale with zero impact to users and workstreams.

It doesn’t stop at speed and scale. Compared to legacy and other solutions’ first-pass file transfer resolution rates of 95-98%, DryvIQ’s transfer rates often exceed 99.99%.

Take your migration project a step further and use analytics to migrate the files that matter, leveraging the first of its kind, DryvIQ’s proprietary Intelligent Migration methodology. The results are immediate and measurable — identify and label file sensitivity and stale data, as well as automatically sort and organize files to increase user productivity, decrease risk, and reduce costs.

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"DryvIQ is an integral and strategic component to our infrastructure."

  • AstraZeneca saved millions of dollars with zero business disruption while consolidating 100+ systems.
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What we liked about DryvIQ was its ability to connect to multiple systems.

Luke Temple, Services Design Architect