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Transform unstructured data into clean, model-ready data

In the era of GenAI, success depends on data quality, hygiene, and security. Poor data quality not only sabotages AI accuracy but also jeopardizes organizations with outdated insights and increased data risk exposure.

DryvIQ enables you to make unstructured data always business ready by ensuring a continuous flow of accurate, reliable data to effectively train AI and support models. With DryvIQ’s patented AI-driven platform, you can classify unstructured data across the enterprise and easily cleanse and catalog it into clean, model-ready data.

Power your GenAI journey

Deliver better outcomes and ensure your unstructured data remains accessible, analyzable, and actionable with DryvIQ’s unstructured data management platform.

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Enhance AI model quality with curated datasets


Access your data no matter where it lives, without moving it to a separate location for training. Easily curate document sets using unstructured data across 40+ storage repositories while managing and protecting sensitive data.


Automatically curate use-case specific document sets to improve AI model relevance. Continually reduce noise, biases, and hallucinations in training data by identifying and eliminating duplicate documents and stale data.


Extract metadata, classification information, access permissions, and more, turbocharging AI analysis and precision in real-time. Data is constantly changing — ensure you effectively hydrate your AI models with accurate and high quality data by automatically sending updates to virtual queues that AI models can use without requiring full rescans.

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Minimize risk of sensitive data exposure through GenAI

DryvIQ extracts the most valuable insights from knowledge worker content. While this content is foundational for GenAI, it also comes with high risks which is why DryvIQ enables you to proactively protect your most sensitive information from GenAI exposure.

Sensitive Data & Privacy

Not only detect and continually classify sensitive information, including intellectual property, employee and customer PII, financial information, and any other sensitive data, but also exclude from GenAI training if needed.

Access Management & Exposure Control

Analyze and manage which data users and GenAI models have access to, and proactively update access rights to prevent unauthorized exposure of company confidential information – internally, externally, or via GenAI response.

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What are the fundamental elements for GenAI readiness?

In a recent article published with Forbes Councils, DryvIQ CEO Sean Nathaniel explores the importance of managing the hygiene, quality, and security of unstructured data before scaling enterprise GenAI investments.

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