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Maintain control and oversight of enterprise content

With unstructured data growing at a rate of more than 50% per year, safeguarding that content can feel impossible. Relying on users and manual processes to ensure your content is properly managed is an impossible ask, rife with opportunities for mistakes.

This lack of control opens organizations up to large fines, loss of sensitive data or intellectual property, operational inefficiency, or a negative impact on market and brand value.

Leveraging artificial intelligence processing, the Dryv platform continuously monitors for sensitive information or incorrectly applied labels that may expose your organization to loss of intellectual property, financial damage, or other vulnerabilities.

At-risk content can be acted upon and safeguarded based on a series of configurable rules and policies. The Dryv platform will process the policy rules, while notifying system administrators or other stakeholders in real-time.

Take action on your content

The platform’s policy orchestration layer can execute a variety of out-of-the-box actions, fully orchestrating scenarios to meet the unique needs of your business.

Learn more on policy orchestration

Once your organization has defined and configured governance policies within the platform, Dryv’s policy orchestration engine will ensure your rules are followed, without the need for user input. Every action, status, and history are tracked, including when actions were taken to safeguard content. This enables companies to easily disclose compliance measures to auditors at any point within the information lifecycle.

A comprehensive report will reveal any sensitive or vulnerable content that may have found a hiding place among your repositories when you weren’t looking—as well as the financial impact each violation could represent to your organization if left unresolved, based on privacy or compliance regulations.

Beyond just reporting on these risks, the Dryv platform can take steps to mitigate them. With automated oversight and remediation, your organization will continuously and confidently:

  • Ensure content is classified properly for both discovering and safeguarding
  • Ensure content is labeled properly so that parallel DLP policies can be applied
  • Ensure that permissions are set correctly so that sensitive content is not at risk

Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) extends the labeling and classification functionality provided by Microsoft 365 and can co-exist with the Dryv platform and complement each other.

A custom policy can be created to detect and append a MIP data classification metadata label. Based on the label, the Dryv platform can take the necessary actions to further track and protect [move] the file outside/inside of Microsoft.​

  • Read, list, and use MIP labels in the Dryv platform rules
  • Import MIP policy and label settings, as well as models
  • Extensions to use MIP classifier and automatically apply MIP labels
  • Trigger MIP protection actions or RMS [Rights Management Server] protection
  • Compare Dryv classification results to user labeling with an SLA report

of organizations lack data governance, leaving them open to litigation and data security risks