Unstructured Data Discovery Insights You Can Take Action On [Infographic]


Unstructured Data Discovery Insights

Before you can take any steps to migrate or govern your enterprise content, you need to deeply understand your data. And gaining that understanding can be extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, given the rapid pace at which organizations are generating and updating data. That’s where AI-driven unstructured data discovery and classification comes in.

Most current enterprise data management and information governance solution approaches rely on end-users at some level to determine the sensitive nature of the content, then take the resulting necessary action as defined by corporate policy. The DryvIQ platform automates both assessment and action—dramatically reducing risk, safeguarding assets, and lowering costs—while eliminating manual efforts from the process.

DryvIQ recently performed an unstructured data discovery on more than 60TB of unstructured data – identifying nearly 1 million potential data privacy risks. With a full understanding of the risks lurking in their data, this customer is now able to take action to better protect the business.

Below is a sample of some of the unstructured data insights DryvIQ surfaced – as well as some recommendations to improve data governance and protection.

DryvIQ Unstructured Data Discovery Insights Infographic

With DryvIQ, proactively discover, classify, and organize content, enabling informed decision-making based on content sensitivity labels, type, age, volumes, last accessed, location, permissions, sharing and myriad other attributes.

DryvIQ Intelligent Governance Insights Infographic
Sample of unstructured data discovery insights from the DryvIQ platform.


  • Archive or delete stale data: Stale content may be subject to removal or archive to a low-cost cold storage location.
  • Determine permissions: Consider consolidating and eliminating unnecessary groups. Manage permissions at site/library level or enforce group permissions by creating comparable groups in Microsoft O365.
  • Continuous oversight: Recommend continuous content discovery in the post-migration target environment to maintain classification integrity and ensure security policy enforcement.
Privacy-Aware Migration | Key Values

The DryvIQ platform will proactively discover & classify sensitive content, enabling informed decision making on content location and permissions, reducing corporate risk and exposure.

  • Discover & Classify—Inventory source system content
  • Execute Migration—Create a migration plan
  • Continuous Oversight—Continually surface data privacy risks

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