DryvIQ (formerly SkySync) Launches A.I.-powered Platform to Safeguard Enterprise Content and Reduce Corporate Risk


DryvIQ is an Enterprise Data Management Platform for Identifying, Organizing, and Managing the Risk Contained within Unstructured Data Throughout Global Enterprises

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ANN ARBOR, Michigan, March 22, 2022 – DryvIQ (formerly SkySync), today announced the launch of its next-generation A.I-powered platform to enable organizations to holistically safeguard enterprise-wide content while reducing exposure and corporate risk. The DryvIQ platform employs modern advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to seamlessly unify three core dimensions of enterprise data management, providing a single platform to discover, migrate and govern unstructured data.

Today’s global corporations have limited insight into and control over one of their most valuable assets – their enterprise content. Unstructured data represents approximately 80 percent of all enterprise information. It’s the world’s fastest-growing form of business data, growing at a rate of 50 percent each year. Understanding the scale of an organization’s content, its location, its value, and the business risk is an immensely difficult and growing challenge.

“Organizations are struggling to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities within their content. They have massive amounts of unstructured data within disconnected systems, with no insight into how sensitive that information is. It’s putting them at serious corporate risk,” says Mark Brazeau, CEO of DryvIQ. “Building on our expertise in managing incredibly complex and large-scale content migration projects, DryvIQ and our platform represent the next generation of our technology. We’re focused on understanding, moving, and now governing enterprise content, with an unrelenting drive to deliver highly scalable, accurate, and performant solutions.”

The DryvIQ platform empowers organizations to identify, organize and manage unstructured data within their existing enterprise content repositories – including personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, and other sensitive information. Foundational artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, along with pre-built policy packs, automate the remediation and orchestration of this content across information silos to support regulatory compliance, enhance business agility, improve productivity, and mitigate corporate risk.

“Protecting data can be a complex challenge for even the most security cognizant organization. The amount of information an entity can generate in a single operational day can be staggering and ensuring the confidentiality of private information is crucial for continued operation and reputational well-being,” said Tanner Johnson, Principal Analyst for Data Security at Omdia. “Solutions like the DryvIQ Platform can help reduce this complexity through advanced autonomous processes that work to locate, categorize, and classify sensitive information across any ecosystem.”

About DryvIQ

With over 1,100+ customers, DryvIQ helps the largest companies in the world safeguard their enterprise content and reduce corporate risk. DryvIQ represents the next generation of enterprise data management (EDM) platforms, leveraging modern advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a unified experience for identifying, organizing, and managing the risk contained within unstructured data across the enterprise. For more information, visit www.dryvIQ.com.

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