SkySync is now DryvIQ

If you’re looking for SkySync, don’t worry – you’re in right place. We’ve rebranded, and we’re excited to introduce you to DryvIQ.

Why DryvIQ?

SkySync has served us well for nearly a decade, as we’ve helped thousands of companies synchronize and migrate their enterprise content across cloud and on-premises platforms. But reflecting upon where we are going next with our technology, it no longer felt like the best fit for us.

The SkySync platform already provides two-way access to all the unstructured content in the multiple data sources scattered around an organization. But the ask from our clients is more holistic: to connect these disparate content repositories, provide deep data classification with AI, and automatically take steps to protect and govern that content.

DryvIQ represents the next generation of our platform. Our focus is not only on enterprise file migration, but on truly understanding, moving, and controlling unstructured data. It also reflects our unrelenting drive to deliver on our promise of highly scalable, accurate and performant solutions.

The SkySync enterprise file migration platform is now DryvIQ, an AI-driven platform to understand and protect unstructured data.

The DryvIQ Platform

DryvIQ enables you to identify, organize and manage the risk contained within enterprise content using artificial intelligence and automation technologies – so you can make better-informed decisions and enhance downstream data use to the benefit of the entire business. It’s a single platform to discover, migrate and govern unstructured data.

We're the experts in unstructured data

If you’re looking to migrate thousands of users and terabytes of content to a new platform quickly, we’re still your number one choice. But if you’re looking to discover your enterprise content and begin to govern this ever-growing pile of information – we’re talking growth at a rate of over 50% per year – then we can help with that, too.