SkySync is now DryvIQ

If you’re looking for SkySync, you’re in the right place. We’ve rebranded, and we’d like to introduce you to DryvIQ, the leading unstructured data management company.

DryvIQ logo

Why DryvIQ?

The SkySync brand served us well for a decade as we helped organizations across the globe synchronize and migrate their enterprise content across cloud and on-premises platforms. Listening to the voice of our customers, we advanced our platform to help them further address their unstructured data challenges; as such, SkySync longer felt like the best fit.

Introducing DryvIQ. DryvIQ represents the next generation of our platform. We remain committed to assisting organizations with enterprise file migrations – which we still do exceedingly well – but also to helping organizations embark on a data modernization journey, resulting in increased efficiencies, decreased risk, and reduced costs.

It reflects our unrelenting drive to deliver on our promise of unmatched speed, scale, and expert service while enabling organizations to execute their complex unstructured data management projects successfully.

The SkySync enterprise file migration platform is now DryvIQ.

Solving the unstructured data challenge

The DryvIQ platform offers a single solution to continually classify, manage, and migrate unstructured data across more than 40 on-premises and cloud-based platforms — at speeds of up to 100TB per day, at petabyte scale. More than 1,100 worldwide organizations have put their trust in DryvIQ, formerly SkySync, to help them address their large-scale, complex unstructured data management projects.