Episode 1: What is Seamless File Migration?


Disruption-Free & Seamless Migration

“Disruption free migration? Ok, that’s an interesting term.”

In our first episode of DryvIQ’s brand new, bi-monthly video series, we discuss the hot topic of seamless migration. While on-site at the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen last fall, DryvIQ program director Jethro Seghers interviewed several thought leaders, Microsoft MVPs, and experts to pick their brain on what disruption-free migration means to them, what it looks like in today’s enterprise and if it’s ultimately even possible.

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What does disruption-free migration mean to you?

“The first thought which comes to mind is… That’s not possible.”

“I’m not sure I believe in disruption-free migration because I think migrations are supposed to cause disruption.”

What does seamless migration look like for today’s enterprise?

“Business must continue even though people are moving from one infrastructure to the next. It may be something that’s continual, or it may be lift-and-shift. It may be something long-term based on how the company works. Do they do a lot of acquisitions? Are they moving over from a takeover? It’s all about the user, making sure that they have continuity in what they are doing, that they are still productive and we’re not a hindrance to them.”

“I see it as an end-user. As an end-user, I am going to have the exact same experience I had before in my new environment or a synchronized environment. I work in a certain way, I’m going to always work in a certain way.”

Is a true disruption-free migration even possible?

“Most companies have made the decision to make Microsoft their ecosystem. That means they’re basically phasing out the content server and moving to SharePoint. But it’s always hard and there’s no easy way of doing that.”

“We’re going to migrate stuff from legacy applications, Office 365 or from SharePoint and transform the business app, with power apps and flow to bring something else. But you can still use your day-to-day applications.”



Matthias Einig – Rencore

Bram de Jager – Delaware

Fabian Williams – Withum

Gokan Ozcifi – Neoxy Consultancy

Erica Toelle – RecordPoint

Heather Newman – Content Panda, MVP

Karauna Gatimu – Microsoft Teams

Tracy Van Der Schyff – Microsoft MVP

Sébastien Levert – Valo Intranet


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