Episode 4: Are Multi-Cloud Environments More Common Than We Think?


How Common Are Multi-Cloud Storage Environments?

“Consider maintaining two sources at the same time.”

Our ECM experts and MVPs are back in the fourth episode of our Content Without Boundaries series, this time discussing multi-cloud storage environments – and how they may be more common than we think they are.


“Probably almost 100 percent of organizations are in a multi-cloud environment right now and don’t know it,” stated Erica Toelle in our latest episode.

“I think people have a multi-cloud experience because it’s difficult to come up with a real collaboration strategy that serves the people,” added Karuana Gatimu.

There are a variety of reasons for multi-cloud environments, including Shadow IT and the general freedom of choice in such an expansive market. But what may have once been looked at as a curse for organizations is quickly becoming the new normal. Finding a single platform that can meet the needs of the entire business is becoming less of a priority. Needs such as encouraging collaboration and increased productivity while maintaining performance, security, and information governance. In short, organizations are finding that they can curate their content services stack from a variety of vendors. Even while keeping them integrated with a hybrid environment.

But according to David Friend, multi-cloud, hybrid environments are here to stay. “Customers will demand a multi-cloud environment where they can pick and choose services from multiple vendors. And they are going to demand that they all work together harmoniously,” he predicts in a recent article.

Hear from our gang of thought leaders on why they think multi-cloud environments are so prevalent, and how this type of hybrid environment can be a benefit to users and entire organizations in our latest vidcast.

Are multi-cloud environments more common than we think they are?

From an IT perspective, we’re using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint, living in the Microsoft world – everyone’s happy. But then we’re working with creative people. Creative people don’t usually do that much work on Office 365.”

Is a hybrid environment best for users?

Don’t shock people. Consider maintaining two sources at the same time, and as a part of your adoption. Once people have now fully embraced the target, then you start to cut off.”


Matthias Einig – Rencore

Bram de Jager – Delaware

Erica Toelle – RecordPoint

Heather Newman – Content Panda, MVP

Karauna Gatimu – Microsoft Teams

Tracy Van Der Schyff – Microsoft MVP

Sébastien Levert – Valo Intranet

Fabian Williams – Withum

Gokan Ozcifi – Neoxy Consultancy


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