Episode 2: How Can Organizations Improve User Adoption of New Technologies?


Three Small Steps to Improve Technology User Adoption

“Embrace that change.”

In our second installment of DryvIQ’s bi-monthly Content Without Boundaries video series, our gang of MVPs and ECM experts discuss change management and share their tips on how organizations can improve technology user adoption.

This month we’ll be sharing a ton of helpful content surrounding strategic change management and how to drive user adoption and ROI of new platforms.

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Why is change management so important?

User adoption for me is kind of the key to the success of that project. Whatever the technology is, if in the end, the user doesn’t use it, or if they are not happy with the product, that’s not going to work.”

How can organizations improve user adoption?

Three Steps to Improve Technology User Adoption

Step 1: Start small, with champions

I think the key concept to success is creating some layers in your company, which means people are way more involved or committed. People who are closer to the product. We call them champions.”

Step 2: Pace out implementation

Pace out your adoption and the change that you’re asking users to make. You can’t have a big change event because people just can’t process and absorb that amount of information to be able to internalize it, figure out how it affects them and change their behavior.”

Step 3: Educate users on the ‘why’

It’s to make you realize the value of that migration and to understand why you’re doing a migration. It can be a technology migration, but here are a few benefits of that migration. This is why you’re going to be more successful. Embrace that change. If they are not embracing the change, they will always comment that it was a lot better before. So make them realize ‘the why’ and then once they understand the ‘why’ they’re going to embrace the change and use everything out of the box.”


Matthias Einig – Rencore

Bram de Jager – Delaware

Erica Toelle – RecordPoint

Heather Newman – Content Panda, MVP

Karauna Gatimu – Microsoft Teams

Tracy Van Der Schyff – Microsoft MVP

Sébastien Levert – Valo Intranet


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