Episode 5: Hybrid Cloud in the Modern Workplace


Hybrid Cloud Management

“A hybrid solution is part of the answer.”

On-prem, cloud, hybrid, one-way synchronization, and two-way sync are all just some of the options businesses have when it comes to content management.  But how can one know which environment is best? It may well depend on your business’s particular needs. Hear what the experts have to say about on-premises vs cloud storage, and how they relate in comparison in this episode of our video series.

Why do people fear the cloud?

Certainly I think the capabilities of cloud platforms for sharing and exporting content can be worrisome. But those same risks happen inside an organization, even if it’s on-premises. They can share a document out from an email or a file share.

With cloud, the control is not with the corporation. For example, if I am on AWS or Azure, I’m dependent on Microsoft and Amazon to secure my data.

With good governance in place, I think that’s something that can overcome the human factor and make sure that you don’t have to have that fear and concern about ‘I’m making a mistake and I’m doing something I shouldn’t do.’

Is there a place for hybrid cloud management in the modern workplace?

The hybrid model is what I see almost everybody going for and it’s the best place for almost any organization that you’re talking to right now.

I think when possible, organizations should be all-in on the cloud. We’re going back to risk avoidance here. If you’ve got your own data center and you’re managing all the content in there, you’re kind of on the hook for it.”

Over the years, a lot of technology has come out and try to solve this problem. All of this great innovation has actually created a problem, which is that we have our technology spread across lots of different tools, and lots of different clouds, as well as the on-premises technology that is still prevalent in a lot of big organizations.

On-Premises vs Cloud Infographic:

On-Premises vs. Cloud Storage Infographic



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