Episode 6: ECM Experts Share Their Content Management Nightmares


Content Management Nightmares

“There was a lot of loss.”

ECM Experts Share All

It can be scary to think about all of the problems that could potentially arise during content migrations. Even the most experienced professionals have had to face their fears. In episode 6 of our video series, listen to these ECM experts’ content management nightmares – if you dare!


What is your worst content management nightmare?

“The nightmare really is something got leaked, you have no idea where it came from, where it went, and it actually went to press.  Your secrets are now in the open and it’s utter chaos, whether it was your innovative idea, company secrets, whatever. It’s the fact that you can’t even do anything about it because you don’t have control.  You don’t have these things enabled that will actually help you be in control.”

“I think my worst content management nightmare was… There was a lot of loss, and there was a lot of scrambling when we went to go help the same client again, and so I learned a good lesson about making sure that the folks that were dealing with SharePoint actually knew what they were doing, and were tagging things in the right way.

What was the cause of that content management problem?

“I’ve seen a lot of these things, and nine times out of ten it’s not been the technology that’s been the problem.”

“Poor communication between project managers, IT professionals, and executive stakeholders really can cause a horrible problem in expectation setting. I’ve certainly seen cases where people have lost their jobs; where systems have completely crashed and come to a screeching halt; I’ve seen migrations that have gone off the rails with the migration process not being able to complete because they didn’t do that content analysis to know what they needed to migrate – they were just trying to move everything.”


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