High Speed, High Scale Data Migration Now Available for Higher Education Institutions through Internet2 and DryvIQ


Using DryvIQ, Internet2 members can effectively manage rapidly growing cloud storage needs through seamless on-premises and cloud-based content migration.

Internet2®, a non-profit, member-driven advanced technology community, delivers a diverse portfolio of technology solutions that leverages, integrates, and amplifies the strengths of its members and helps support their educational, research, and community service missions. To ensure leading cloud services are optimized for their members, Internet2 created the NET+ program. NET+ optimizes for:

  • Features and functionality
  • Technical integration
  • Security and compliance
  • Pricing
  • Contract terms
  • Deployment

As part of a recent NET+ initiative evaluating data migration tools to address and respond to challenges associated with managing and migrating vast amounts of unstructured data, DryvIQ was assessed by six member institutions, resulting in the successful completion of a new NET+ DryvIQ agreement. The NET+ service is available to not-for-profit higher education institutions with their main campuses located in the United States or entities mutually agreed to between Internet2 and DryvIQ.

The University of Maryland Baltimore County sponsored the service evaluation for DryvIQ, which kicked off earlier this year. “All universities are facing ever-increasing challenges managing massive amounts of data stored in any number of cloud providers,” Damian Doyle, UMBC’s deputy CIO and interim CISO, said at the outset of the evaluation. “We are excited about working with other universities to help update and expand the NET+ DryvIQ offering to meet some of the new challenges in this arena.”

“All universities are facing ever-increasing challenges managing massive amounts of data stored in any number of cloud providers.”

DryvIQ, formerly known as SkySync, has been a part of the NET+ program since 2015 and remains committed to providing secure and scalable data migration solutions for Internet2 members.

“Achieving quick-time-to-value file migrations in higher education requires more than just technology – it demands a deep understanding of the research and education community’s needs. At DryvIQ, we are dedicated to staying attuned to the evolving landscape of our higher ed peers to ensure our platform meets diverse institutional requirements,” said Sara Whitwer, chief marketing officer at DryvIQ. “Internet2’s NET+ offering eliminates guesswork and provides an efficient, structured path to discern ‘what truly matters’ in unstructured data management, including highly performant file migrations.”

Learn more about NET+ DryvIQ for Data Migration [Webinar On Demand]

Hear from members of the working group that participated in the NET+ service evaluation process in an on-demand webinar, hosted by Internet2. Learn more about DryvIQ, understand how the service was evaluated, and ask questions.

Access a recording of the webinar, originally hosted on October 26, 2023.

Internet2 Data Migration with new NET+ DryvIQ Agreement. Learn more in the upcoming webinar.

Large Scale Migration & Storage Optimization for Higher Education

DryvIQ enables higher education institutions to synchronize or migrate large file volumes across cloud and on-premises platforms at scale. Trusted by over 45 colleges and universities across the globe, we’ve migrated their combined 30,000 TB to the cloud without disrupting staff, students, or operations.

DryvIQ offers solutions for identifying and eliminating stale data, migrating cold-tier data to archival storage, or high-performance migration to a more cost-effective collaboration platform.

Internet2 member Indiana University successfully migrated more than 3PB of data and 140,000 users to Microsoft Office 365 to cut costs after an increase by their previous cloud storage vendor.

Indiana University Campus

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The NET+ DryvIQ program includes a negotiated agreement with key higher education terms based on the NET+ contract template, custom tier-based pricing, and other discounts for Internet2 members.

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