Celebrating You: How DryvIQ Elevates Customer Success to New Heights


Reflecting on 2023, we’re filled with gratitude for the collaborative journey we’ve shared with our valued customers. Among our proudest achievements is surpassing industry standards with an exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the amazing support we’ve received along the way. This score isn’t just a metric; it’s a testament to the relationships we’ve built and our dedication to ensuring our customers’ success.

Our customers’ trust in DryvIQ fuels our passion for providing unparalleled service well into the future.

“Working with Ali K, Tyiler G, and John P has been nothing short of a pleasure. We greatly appreciate the assistance and professionalism of the DryvIQ team!”

DryvIQ’s ‘You-Centric’ Approach to Customer Success: Exceed All Expectations

At DryvIQ, we live by a steadfast mantra: to exceed every customer’s expectations. From onboarding to ongoing support, every interaction is crafted to deliver an exceptional customer experience. In discussions with my team, we often emphasize the paramount importance of prioritizing customer success. This ethos revolves around a principle: dedicating ourselves to each customer as if they were our sole focus. It underscores the depth of commitment and personalized attention we extend to each and every customer.

Building a partnership goes beyond delivering great technology and service – it’s about establishing a profound connection built on mutual understanding and shared objectives. When we prioritize a customer’s success as our foremost goal, it becomes the cornerstone of a collaborative partnership.

“The level of support DryvIQ offered was very compelling. We knew we would need help navigating something we weren’t experts in.”
– Nicolet National Bank

Tailored Solutions, Expert Guidance That Meet Evolving Data Needs

Unstructured data projects are large, complex, and come with many challenges. Over the last decade, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies to find the secret to success: a blend of technology, methodology, and an experienced team. This, combined with our “You-Centric” approach, is the DryvIQ way of delivering effective outcomes with unstructured data projects.

Our certified, world-class experts are adept at overcoming obstacles in  data discovery and classification, large-scale file migration, and ongoing data management. Recognizing that every organization’s data landscape is unique, we offer a broad spectrum of expert services tailored to the diverse needs of our customers’ data journey. Whether it’s complete end-to-end project management, strategic planning, customized consulting, or anything in between, the DryvIQ team guides customers toward achieving their unstructured data goals and accelerating their time to value.

“Incredible support throughout the file migration process. The Support team and engineers always actively helped us whenever we came across an issue or just a configuration issue question (or even just a query about “what if”?) Highly recommended!!”

Our Customers’ Success is Our Benchmark

DryvIQ’s commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience is not just a claim; it’s validated by our 2023 Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 68.

While recognizing that customer satisfaction extends beyond numerical ratings, we take immense pride that DryvIQ’s dedication to customer success has put us ahead of the curve with an NPS that surpasses the industry average of 58, as reported by Customer Guru. This achievement, along with our CSAT score of 95, reinforces DryvIQ as a leader in unstructured data management solutions, with an unparalleled customer experience that genuinely sets us apart from the crowd.

“Amazing and generous support. Chad, Jeremy and John make a powerful support team and the expertise is beyond request. Thanks everyone for the amazing support!!”

Beyond a Platform… We’re Your Partner

DryvIQ is more than a software platform. We strive to be your trusted partner when it comes to all things unstructured data management. Our promise goes beyond delivering enterprise technology; we’re here to help you overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and ultimately achieve success.

Take a look at our success stories to see how we’ve partnered with companies around the world to deliver unstructured data management solutions with stellar service at speed and scale.

Are you the next success story that will fuel our dedication?

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