Inventory, sort, filter & organize your file migration

Drive business agility with deep data awareness & control

Eliminate blind file migration. Legacy “lift & shift” migration approaches merely move old problems to new technology.

DryvIQ’s “data-aware” migration automatically analyzes, classifies, inventories, labels, sorts and filters content, so you can transform your content repositories with digital intelligence.

Uncover Hidden Risk & Valuable Business Data
AI-driven data discovery and classification

Identify & Filter Obsolete/Trivial Content
Dramatically reduce new system storage costs

Full Migration Simulation
Understand migration outcomes prior to execution

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AI Driven Migration Graphic

Indiana University migrates 3PB to OneDrive

“Think about migration as if you were moving houses; you’re going to discover some junk and bad practices. So hire a good mover.”

See how they did it
Indiana University Campus

Our migration with DryvIQ has cost considerably less than our original cloud storage subscription.

Dan Calarco, Chair of IU's Migration Task Force

Content Analyzer and Simulation

Inventory and assess content by age, size, type, location, last accessed date, last modified date, document versions and more.

Execute a “dry run” with DryvIQ’s simulation capabilities. You’ll be empowered with precise migration outcomes prior to the production migration.

DryvIQ can analyze up to 100 terabytes/day within ideal environments.

Deep data analysis

Detect and interrogate content at its deepest level with DryvIQ’s AI-Driven Data discovery and classification

  • Uncover and label hidden risks
  • Detect and organize valuable business assets
  • Identify and move trivial or obsolete data to archival storage
File migration assessment content insights

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