Commercial Contracting rapidly migrates to Citrix ShareFile

Company Profile

Commercial Contracting Corporation established themselves in 1942 when they signed a contract with General Motors to convert automobile production facilities to aid in the World War II effort. Since then, CCC has grown into a full-service general contractor. Offering a breadth of services across North America from construction and project management to equipment installation, and much more.

Business Drivers

Over more than seven decades of business, CCC has had a laser focus on safety, quality, and timely project deliveries. Traditionally, the organization operated on internal file servers.  However, this created a challenge for project teams spread out across the continent to access key documents remotely. CCC certainly needed to create a more efficient and collaborative environment out in the field. So they decided to look to cloud-based storage.

The Challenge: Migrate File Server to Cloud

After first deploying an initial cloud vendor, CCC made the decision to switch to Citrix ShareFile.

“We are in the process of implementing a new project management software that integrates well with ShareFile out of the box,” said Paulette Salkowski, Vice President of Operations Support at CCC. “However we had also discovered some critical issues with how our user profiles were being managed.”

Salkowski said that after using their previous cloud vendor, she discovered that users had created several unauthorized accounts with their CCC credentials. And all without oversight by IT. “We did not want our employees to have free accounts that had no control over,” Salkowski said. “ShareFile does not allow users to create their own unmanaged accounts, so it just made sense. If we’re going to go with the cloud and put all of our current data out there, we want complete control.”

Salkowski said that once the decision was made to migrate to ShareFile, it needed to be done quickly. “We only had two weeks to get all of our 2.4 terabytes out of the old cloud service before our contract renewed,” she said. “We knew we couldn’t do that alone.”

Our migration to Citrix ShareFile simply could not have happened as smoothly as it did without the assistance of DryvIQ.
Paulette Salkowski, VP Operations Support

The Solution

Commercial Contracting Corporation discovered DryvIQ on a recommendation from Citrix and quickly implemented the solution.

“DryvIQ was highly recommended to us by Citrix ShareFile as a partner to help us make this migration on a fast-track,” Salkowski said. “It would have taken us days to replicate what we had in our initial cloud service. So we absolutely needed a product like DryvIQ to make this project happen.”

Salkowski also said that DryvIQ’s User Mapping and Permissions Migration features were invaluable.

“One of the largest benefits we found with DryvIQ was not only getting our data moved over quickly. But bringing our existing user permissions along with it. Additionally, User Mapping gave us the opportunity to prioritize data for our most active projects and enabled us to migrate those projects and users first. This made a more seamless transition for our end users.”

The Results

“Now that we’ve finished the migration and we’ve moved our active projects out to the cloud from our on-premises servers, it makes everyone’s job more efficient,” Salkowski said. “We’ve reduced overhead and solved performance issues that our users had accessing data remotely out in the field. Now they have access from any location, which is necessary since our teams are often on the road and located throughout North America.”

Salkowski added that CCC’s users are very happy with Citrix ShareFile, which integrates well with their desktops and user drives.

“Our users love ShareFile’s Drive Mapper, which enables them to function the same way in the field as they would inside the office,” Salkowski said.

Extraordinary Customer Support

“The DryvIQ team provided more support than I expected,” Salkowski said. “We were checking in with them on a daily basis. We knew that we could not have completed this project alone. Our migration simply could not have happened as smoothly as it did without the assistance of DryvIQ.”