Avoid the File Migration Trap [Infographic]


According to Experian Data Quality’s report on typical migration obstacles, 83 percent of migration projects exceed their budget and schedule or fail entirely. We’ve put together a simple infographic to summarize the steps your organization should take to avoid the file migration trap and ensure you make a smooth transition to a new storage platform.

You can also read more in our recent blog post, “Is Disruption-Free Migration Even Possible?”

File Migration Trap Infographic:

File Migration Trap Infographic

Steps to a successful, disruption-free migration:

  1. Analyze your enterprise content
  2. Understand its business value, volume, and sharing behaviors
  3. Predict migration outcomes and timelines so you can plan accordingly
  4. Remediate file transfer errors and storage platform conflicts before they interrupt your migration project
  5. Sync, or create a “continuous copy” of, your new and existing storage platforms so there is no impact on business operations during the migration
  6. Train users in the new system with their live content. So they are fully prepared when it comes time to pull the plug on your old system


Data Migration Obstacles: A Successful Data Migration Begins & Ends with Data Quality – Experian Data Quality

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