Episode 7: How Can Content Analysis Make a Business More Agile?


The Advantages of Content Analysis

What does “understanding your content” really mean anyway?

At DryvIQ we always emphasize the importance of understanding your content. But what does content analysis really mean for a business? We interviewed more ECM professionals to expand your knowledge in this episode of our Content Without Boundaries video series to explain just how businesses can truly boost productivity with the advantages of content analysis.

1. Do you think organizations have a good understanding of the makeup of their content?

2. Is it important to know this information about enterprise content, and who does it most benefit?

3. What would your organization or your clients like to know about their content?

4. How can businesses use this insight to be more agile?  Is there any business advantage of knowing this information?

Content analysis is an important thing to do in business because I often see this with many customers who are moving from on-premises to the cloud. They want to simply lift and shift all of the information they have without really understanding what’s there. But for me, that’s a waste of resources and can negatively impact the customer experience.”

“If content hasn’t been properly classified or tagged, I may be liable for tax implications. So I may have to pay fines if I’m not cleaning up my content on the appropriate schedule. It’s really important that we understand what a document is, what the content is, and when it should be cleaned up and with it’s retained.”

I want to know if my content is secure, and who has access to my content. So with GDPR and some other privacy-related challenged across the globe, I believe that’s my biggest concern.


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