DryvIQ Enhances Ability to Classify & Manage Unstructured Data, With Improved Speed & Accuracy


DryvIQ Recognized as Top 10 Sensitive Data Discovery Solution of 2023

DryvIQ, the leading enterprise data management company that helps organizations classify and proactively act on their unstructured data, introduced a series of platform enhancements that enable organizations to more effectively discover, classify, and take action on documents and files at new speeds and scale.

As year-over-year growth continues, unstructured data proliferates across various cloud and on-premises repositories within the organization. This data, while accessed and shared frequently, often lacks proper classification, and more than likely holds sensitive information like intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), and user credentials. More concerning, unlike structured data, these mounds of unstructured data cannot be easily and quickly located, organized, or managed using traditional discovery and classification methods. These factors can leave organizations vulnerable to unplanned storage management costs, security risks, and data breaches.

“Organizations striving for cost-efficiency and risk reduction must pinpoint and act on what truly matters. Instead of treating all data equally, continuously categorizing and prioritizing document hotspots creates a sustainable pathway to successful data management,” said Sean Nathaniel, DryvIQ CEO. “We aim to provide organizations with cutting-edge, AI-powered solutions to accurately classify and manage their rapidly evolving data landscape at industry-leading speed.”

DryvIQ recently strengthened its ability to help organizations further reduce costs and minimize risks related to their unstructured data. These enhancements include reduced scan times for data discovery – an 8x improvement on previous industry-leading speeds – and deeper insights that go well beyond surface-level scans, leading to faster, more informed decision-making.

Generate insights to prioritize sensitive document sets

Building on its powerful ability to discover and classify unstructured data, DryvIQ enables organizations to correlate sharing insights with document sensitivity across their entire data landscape. This enhancement empowers DryvIQ users to accurately discover, organize, and manage sensitive and restricted documents, files, and folders that are shared internally and externally, and proactively mitigate high-risk data quality concerns.

With DryvIQ’s enhanced Sensitive Data Insights, organizations can:

  • Increase their Data Security Posture: Accurately detect documents shared with external users, promptly triggering automated actions such as revoking shared links or deleting files altogether. Benefit: Safeguard sensitive and uniquely identifiable data.
  • Secure Internal Sharing: Monitor the sharing of sensitive documents within the organization and keep track of recipient email addresses, while taking proactive steps to update permissions as necessary. Benefit: Ensure data remains accessible only to authorized individuals.
  • Accurately Segregate Collaborative Content: Identify and migrate content suitable for collaboration platforms, like Microsoft Teams, while segregating content meant for user-specific repositories, like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box. Benefit: Cost-effectively store each type of content appropriately based on specific file attributes and sensitivity.

Easily identify stale data for archival or deletion

In addition to discovering document sensitivity, DryvIQ provides insights on document age, access, and activity to help organizations quickly identify and manage stale data – a potentially high-risk source of sensitive data that can quickly become a cost liability. This enhancement empowers DryvIQ users to enact policy-driven actions to reduce their risk profile, lower storage costs, and improve data management and compliance initiatives.

Using DryvIQ’s Stale Data Insights, organizations can:

  • Fully Understand Data Age and Use: Get complete visibility on the percentage and volume of stale data, based on age, last accessed date, and owner status, across all storage repositories. Benefit: Informed decision-making to continuously manage and minimize unstructured data, resulting in optimized risk reduction and storage utilization of unstructured data.
  • Intelligently Migrate Data: Develop an intelligent migration strategy that considers the overall data volume, its age, and usage patterns. Benefit: Reduce data storage and overage costs by selectively migrating only essential and actively used data.

DryvIQ named Top 10 Sensitive Data Discovery Solution Provider of 2023

DryvIQ’s advanced capability to identify and manage outdated and sensitive data is a powerful enhancement to its patented AI-driven solution offering. Recently, DryvIQ was recognized as one of the Top 10 Sensitive Data Discovery Solution Providers of 2023 by GRC Viewpoint, a research and advisory firm that provides insights and analysis on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) issues for businesses and organizations.

“We’re thrilled that DryvIQ has been recognized as a trusted leader in the industry,” said Nathaniel. “This award underscores our commitment to delivering solutions that empower organizations to efficiently manage their data, mitigate risks, and drive success.”

DryvIQ Sensitive Data Discovery Solution Provider of 2023

According to GRC Viewpoint, “DryvIQ has emerged as a game-changer by offering high-speed and scalable solutions for managing unstructured data, including data discovery and classification, automated protection of sensitive data, continuous stale data reduction, file migration, and more.”

Experience the power of DryvIQ’s advanced insights and classification capabilities in identifying sensitive and stale data by requesting a demo.

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