The Key Principles of User Adoption – Infographic


Eight Key Principles of Improved User Adoption

“If in the end, the user doesn’t use it… That’s not going to work.”

In order to realize the full potential of any new technology, user adoption is key. However, it can be incredibly hard to ensure that your users will like and adopt the new platform without a solid change management strategy. While every organization, every user base, and every implementation is unique, the key pillars of user adoption are not, on the other hand.

Regardless of the size of the organization, or the destination platform, every business should create a change management strategy for how they plan to deploy the new system and drive adoption to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the return on their new technology investment.

Check out these eight key principles & best practices on our improved user adoption infographic:

Key Principles of Improved User Adoption Infographic

Eight Key Principles of Improved User Adoption:

  1. Create a sound change management strategy, from pre-migration analysis to post-deployment activity reporting
  2. Synchronize your new and existing platforms
  3. Distribute training and educational material
  4. Demonstrate the value and purpose of the new system
  5. Ensure department heads across the organization are all on board and using the new platform
  6. Identify early adopters as influential technology champions to evangelize the benefits of the new way of working
  7. Launch the new system and decommission the old one when your user base is ready
  8. Continually monitor adoption and usage trends to maintain happy, active users

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