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The Dryv platform’s file transfer technology was designed to meet the needs of the largest enterprise, while scaling to migrate billions of files and petabytes of content with speed, accuracy and fidelity.

It’s versatile deployment model enables installation either on-premises, in a public or private cloud or within remote sites.

DryvIQ allows our customers to maintain business as usual. The Dryv platform’s unique continuous copy mode ensures that target system files are up-to-date in near real-time, precisely mirroring the source system.

Completely transparent to users, they can move to their new platform at the organization’s own pace—with absolutely zero impact to existing business operations or system integrations.

Indiana University migrates 3PB of content

Once their current cloud storage provider announced they would be increasing costs significantly, Indiana University needed to migrate their 140,000 users and nearly 3PB of content from Box to Google & Microsoft for cost reasons.

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Indiana University

Our migration with DryvIQ has cost considerably less than our original cloud storage subscription.

Adam Sweeny, Microsoft O365 Team Lead

The Dryv platform preserves all aspects of file fidelity—metadata, permissions, links, sharing profiles, unique source system attributes and more. Validation reporting provides a detailed reconciliation report after the enterprise content migration is complete.

Predict your outcomes

The platform’s built-in, pre-migration simulation mode provides insight into your existing content structure—as well as predicts migration outcomes prior to execution.

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150TB Interrogated per day

Content discovery time that once took weeks or months now takes days within optimized environments.

60TB+ Transfer throughput per day

Within optimized environments, rapidly migrate content to meet renewal deadlines while saving costs.

99.99% Initial transfer success rates

The Dryv platform delivers transfer results that exceed industry averages of 90-95%.

The DryvIQ approach to migration

  • Large-scale source system discovery
  • Pre-migration simulation testing
  • Migration pre-planner and platform comparison utilities
  • Fully configurable status and activity dashboard
  • Create advanced metadata maps, file filter policies, LDAP queries and more
  • Discovers, identifies, labels and organizes content automatically
  • Full audit reporting
  • Flagged items reconciliation and automated resolution
  • Support options available

Forbes migrates to Google Drive in 10 days

As a way to save costs and eliminate redundancy, Forbes moved to consolidate all of its departments onto Google Drive for cloud storage and collaboration.

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We were shocked and happy that we were able to complete our Google Drive migration on deadline. DryvIQ was incredibly responsive and truly delivered on their promise.

Chris LaBianca, Director of Business Systems
Higher Education
  • Rapid content migration across platforms with no disruption to campus operations
  • Enable digital transformation for your institution regardless of size or scope
  • Rapid content migration at scale and with zero operational disruption for government agencies
  • Virtualize the government workplace regardless of size or scope
  • Automated migration, backup and sync of content across platforms and remote sites
  • Stay connected across disparate platforms and remote job sites