Episode 8: What Does Secure Content Collaboration Look Like?


Secure Content Collaboration

“They may think security is difficult – it’s not.”

Contrary to what one may expect, technology is not to blame when data or content is leaked or missing. It’s almost too easy for users to simply share content where it’s most convenient.  As a result, content becomes more difficult to track. In the same vein, untracked content can easily become leaked content. And it’s not just users, additionally, cyber-attacks are on the rise and finding new ways to access private data every day. However, companies can prevent these issues by taking some simple steps towards security and governance. DryvIQ asked the experts to find out how they handled their problems with secure content collaboration.

1. How are your clients or your organization collaborating today? Both internally between business units, as well as externally with stakeholders, partners, etc.?

2. How has secure content collaboration changed over the last few years?

3. Do you find that the variety of collaboration tools in the market today has simplified or complicated effective collaboration?

4. Do you think that there are security issues with modern collaboration tools? Or is this fear due to human error or lack of care?

“Now we have the capability to create a secure content collaboration environment with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams that still has fluidity for the end-user, and still supports their mobile experience and the appropriate kind of IT pro and security group auditing that everyone would like.”

“People need to think about how they’re managing their security. If they’re leveraging some of those password management systems and turning on that two-factor authentication.  A lot of the time, it is human error.  But there are hackers out there, there are people that are sending out terrible things through email. I get them all the time myself, and so you definitely have to protect yourself as a business. And make sure that your security for content collaboration is set up the right way.”

“If there is any sensitive information and it goes on the web. Then it doesn’t take much time for crawlers to get the information and it’s all over the place.”

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