Unstructured Data: The Elephant in the Room [PODCAST]


Data is your company’s most valuable asset. You have all of your crown jewels sitting in these large piles of data. No one knows what’s in them, or who has access to it. How do you protect it?

DryvIQ’s CEO Sean Nathaniel was recently invited to be a guest on Hackerverse TV, a cybersecurity podcast hosted by the team at Kikrr. Sean and podcast hosts Craig Ellrod and Mariana Padilla discuss why managing and protecting unstructured data – the elephant in the room – has been a nearly impossible challenge to solve until now.

Ninety percent of all enterprise data is unstructured, according to research from IDC, and that data is continuing to grow by 50 percent, year over year. Learn about the three undeniable truths when it comes to unstructured data in this podcast, and why the time to classify, manage, and protect this trove of information has arrived:

  1. In the digital economy, data is an organization’s most valuable asset.
  2. Hackers and bad actors will always exist – they’re just getting smarter and more creative.
  3. Humans will always be the weak link in any security strategy. This is why in 2022, the most common attack vectors were phishing and stolen or compromised user credentials, contributing to 40% of reported data breaches.

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Episode Highlights

  • [2:00] Sean’s journey to C-Master
  • [7:08] Explaining Structured, Semi-Structured & Unstructured Data
  • [8:25] Users As Your Cyber Security Weak Spot
  • [11:31] The Elephant in the Room: Unstructured Data
  • [12:27] How DryvIQ Became the Unstructured Data Experts
  • [14:08] Using Artificial Intelligence to Classify & Manage Unstructured Data
  • [19:43] A CISO Takes the “Pepsi Challenge” and Finds Hundreds of Exposed Passwords (A similar scenario to the Uber Hack of 2022)
  • [21:06] The Future of Data Management & Cyber Security
  • [30:41] Why Existing Unstructured Data Management Solutions Have Been Expensive Failures
  • [32:20] Sean’s Passion Projects & DryvIQ’s #DryvingChange Initiative

Classify & Manage Your Unstructured Data

Based on everything we’ve heard at recent data and cybersecurity events, organizations are waking up to the reality of this unstructured data challenge, yet many are not ready to address it. But the risks of ignoring unstructured data are growing, and help has arrived.

The DryvIQ platform offers a single solution to continually classify, manage, and protect unstructured data across more than 40 on-premises and cloud-based platforms — at speeds of up to 100TB per day, at petabyte scale. More than 1,100 worldwide organizations have put their trust in DryvIQ to help them address their large-scale, complex unstructured data management projects.

If you’re ready to take control of your unstructured data but aren’t sure where to begin, contact us for a free scanning assessment.


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Krystal Elliott
Krystal Elliott