How A Large Biopharmaceutical Company Synchronizes Their Hybrid Cloud Environment


Hybrid Cloud Synchronization Solution Between Disparate Platforms

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Company Profile

A large, biopharmaceutical company is a global premier processor, marketer, and distributor of human amniotic tissue, distributing over 600,000 amniotic tissue grafts worldwide and achieving profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas. With this groundbreaking human tissue offering that promotes bioactive healing, the organization believes its unmatched knowledge and superior processing of amniotic tissue strategically positions the company to become the leader in regenerative medicine.

The Challenge

Synchronizing Content Among Disparate Cloud Storage Platforms

The organization manages several file platforms in its IT infrastructure, including Box, its legacy on-prem ECM platform for example, and its business management systems. However, transferring documents between users and platforms have historically been a tedious, physical process. For instance, the organization distributes approximately 3,000 documents to the various systems on a daily basis.

“Streamlining our business process is very important to us,” said the Manager of Integration Development. “Our goal is to eliminate the emailing and physical distribution of company documentation.”

The Solution

Synchronize the Hybrid Cloud Environment

While searching the web for a solution, they discovered DryvIQ – a tool powerful enough to integrate its disparate storage platforms, with the ability to automatically transfer the right documents to the right system.

“DryvIQ was our first and only choice to integrate our systems. It’s very easy to implement, and we found the interface and user drive mapping functionality very intuitive,” the Manager of Integration Development said. “We were able to complete our first departmental file migration in one day.”

DryvIQ was certainly a perfect fit for the biopharmaceutical company’s hybrid-cloud synchronization environment.

“Since discovering DryvIQ, the software is now an essential component of our system integration, mostly with our main document repository,” the Manager of Integration Development said. “When a document is received, we’re able to use DryvIQ to distribute the document to the proper system.”

The Results

Document Processing System Automation Through Platform Synchronization

Finally, with DryvIQ, the company has been able to completely automate its document processing system.

“Overall DryvIQ has enabled us to eliminate unnecessary emails, build a robust document repository and has streamlined our business processes tremendously by eliminating the middle-man between our platforms.”

For example, IT can now submit inbound insurance verification forms to the ECM platform, their main content repository. In turn, this also initiates a verification process within the Reimbursement Department. Then outbound invoices from the organization’s ERP system are audited and automatically sent to the Billing Department. And finally, Box’s cloud content management platform will transfer PDF reports from the Informatics Department directly to end-users.

“Overall DryvIQ has enabled us to eliminate unnecessary emails, build a robust document repository, and has streamlined our business processes tremendously by eliminating the middle-man between our platforms,” the Manager of Integration Development added. “DryvIQ has certainly proven integral to this process.”


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