Global Travel Company Migrates 97 Million Files to Office 365 With 99.999% Success


Global Travel Program Management Company Manages 4-in-1 Migration Project

Company Profile

This global travel program management organization provides customized solutions for the travel needs of businesses. The organization offers scaled solutions from full travel program overhauls to simple travel advice.

Business Drivers

Several years ago, this travel organization was divested from its parent company and became its own entity. As part of this separation, they were required to migrate their data from the parent company’s local datacenters to their own IT infrastructure. They opted to take a DIY migration approach to move millions of files to their own servers, which took a frustrating two years to complete and was highly disruptive to the business.

Eventually, maintaining their own on-premises infrastructure became too expensive to manage. To save costs, they made the decision to end a contract with their third-party infrastructure management consultants, as well as migrate to a more cost-effective cloud storage service. This meant that although they had recently completed the painful process of a large-scale file migration, the organization then needed to migrate that same content to Microsoft Office 365.

The Problem

By discontinuing the contract for server management, the company did see the desired cost savings, but they lost their storage management services as well. As a result, the organization did not have the resources to manage their content on their own – and with fewer resources to put behind the transition to Office 365, another “nightmare” of a DIY migration was out of the question.

This project involved the migration of more than 60 TB of content from on-premises file shares to SharePoint Online, as well as the mapping of 9,000 user home drives to OneDrive for Business. Adding to the complexity of this migration project, the organization’s content was housed across four different geographical data centers, essentially requiring four separate migrations.

The challenges involved with such a complex migration included the transfer of files across limited bandwidth; the preservation of file metadata and user permissions; addressing platform incompatibilities, such as file path length and names; as well as completing the migration under a time constraint, with minimal disruption to the business or end-users.

The Solution

With a laundry list of pain points to avoid during their migration to Office 365, this organization enlisted Microsoft for guidance. In doing so, Microsoft referred the company to DryvIQ, a Microsoft Gold partner well known for automating the migration of millions of files to Office 365.

Still recovering from headaches caused by their first migration, the organization quickly saw DryvIQ’s value; DryvIQ offered a simple solution to every specific migration challenge they had encountered before.

With the DryvIQ platform’s Continuous Copy migration methodology, the organization was able to continue with business as usual while their files migrated to Office 365. Additionally, the platform’s ability to scale across their multiple datacenters meant all of this could be achieved with one migration project for the business, not four.

The Results

What took the organization two years to complete themselves, DryvIQ was able to achieve in five months. With their migration to Office 365, the organization was able to easily reduce infrastructure costs while modernizing their legacy infrastructure and enabling their workforce with better productivity.

Overall, the company smoothly migrated 60TB and 9,000 users from their local NFS storage to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. And among the 97 million items migrated, DryvIQ managed a 99% migration success rate.

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