DryvIQ Sets Standard for Unstructured Data Classification & Migration


DryvIQ to showcase enhanced unstructured data management platform at RSA Conference April 24-27, 2023

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[ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 20, 2023] – DryvIQ, the leading data management company that helps organizations easily classify and manage their unstructured data, has today announced a series of platform enhancements that empower organizations with improved data classification capabilities and unrivaled enterprise file migration performance. DryvIQ will showcase its updated platform during the RSA Conference, April 24-27, in San Francisco.

“There’s no denying that data is an organization’s most valuable asset. This is why DryvIQ remains committed to helping enterprises understand and manage their ever-growing data landscape – at extraordinary speed and scale,” said DryvIQ CEO Sean Nathaniel. “We are seeing organizations augment their traditional, top-down approach to data management and protection by integrating a bottoms-up approach that starts with a deep analysis of their unstructured data, including documents, files, and even emails. For the first time ever, our customers can use a single platform to classify and manage the content across all of their repositories and do it quickly enough to keep up with the volume, velocity, and variety of data – resulting in increased efficiency, decreased risk, and reduced costs.”

DryvIQ’s unstructured data management platform includes a suite of patented artificial intelligence-driven capabilities that enable organizations to scan, analyze, classify, and manage unstructured data across all of their on-premises and cloud-based platforms – an expanding need within organizations as unstructured data volumes continue to grow rapidly, accounting for more than 90 percent of the data generated each year, according to IDC.

With DryvIQ’s latest product update, customers can now experience:

· Enterprise-Wide Unstructured Data Classification – With the ability to continuously scan and classify content across over 40 on-premises or cloud-based repositories, organizations will gain a complete understanding of their unstructured data with DryvIQ Discover.

· Enhanced File Migration Capabilities – Seamlessly support storage reduction and archival strategies, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, and other file migration initiatives by using analytics to migrate the files that matter, at speed and scale, with DryvIQ’s proprietary Intelligent Migration methodology.

· Data Discovery for Microsoft Exchange – Scan and analyze semi-structured data within Microsoft Exchange Email Server to quickly and easily classify any vulnerable or sensitive data stored within employees’ emails.

· Quicker Time-to-Value with Microsoft 365 – Working closely with technology partner Microsoft, DryvIQ has upgraded its integration with Microsoft’s latest APIs to improve performance and scalability. Scan and migrate data to Microsoft 365 faster than ever, at speeds of more than 100 TB per day, at petabyte scale.

DryvIQ is returning to the 2023 RSA Conference to provide a first-hand look at the enhanced platform in booth S-948, located in the South Expo Hall of the Moscone Center. DryvIQ experts will be on-site to discuss how attendees can drive change within their organization when it comes to unstructured data management, as well as #DryvingChange through charitable giving.

About DryvIQ

DryvIQ helps organizations increase business efficiency, reduce risks, and decrease operational costs through its powerful unstructured data management platform. Using patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, DryvIQ enables organizations with deep insights to classify and manage their unstructured data. With speeds of over 100 terabytes a day at petabyte scale, we’ve delivered quick time-to-value for over 1,100 of the largest customers in the world.

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