Cloud Migration Checklist


Prepare For a Seamless Migration

As organizations consider migrating content to cloud sharing services, it is important to understand that there are many business and technical considerations that can affect the quality and the duration of the migration. With experience completing incredibly complex file migrations for some of the world’s largest enterprises, our team has discovered some of the best practices that organizations of any size should employ for a successful project. Utilize this cloud migration checklist below to ensure you don’t skip a step when planning your move to the cloud.

To learn more migration planning best practices, read our Intentional Migration: 7 Best Practices for a Successful Enterprise File Migration. In this whitepaper, we’ll dive into each of these seven steps to success.

Cloud Migration Checklist


Migrations are most effective when customized for an organization’s particular needs, expectations, and limitations. So by planning ahead for these cloud migration best practices, many common migration issues can be simply avoided.

Cloud Migration Checklist Infographic DryvIQ

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Cloud Migration Checklist Basic Steps:

  1. Set Expectations: What do you realistically best expect from your content migration when all is said and done?
  2. Assess Your Content: Data assessment can feel overwhelming, usually because there’s so much of it. But this too can be separated into more manageable pieces.
  3. Analyze Environments: Knowing the limitations within your business’s IT environment is essential when planning your migration.
  4. Build the Migration Plan: The migration plan defines all of the processes, timing, resources, and resource configuration necessary to execute the migration.
  5. Identify Risks: Watch out for these “gotchas” when planning a migration.

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