6 Steps to Plan Your Route for SharePoint Migration

This one is for the lucky people who have been charged with planning a SharePoint migration.

After being a part of hundreds of migrations we can tell you that no two migrations are the same. Every organization has different data, different regulations, different business processes, and therefore different needs. But what is the same is what people want from the migration:

1) To migrate as fast as possible
2) To maintain data accuracy and full fidelity
3) To execute the migration as cheaply as possible

The harsh reality is, you can have any two of these, but you can never get all three and be successful.

Hear the lessons we’ve learned over the years to help you confidently navigate the path to a successful SharePoint migration:

Step 1: Ensure stakeholder buy-in
Step 2: Perform source platform data discovery
Step 3: Categorize data and determine destinations
Step 4: Design architecture to fit business processes
Step 5: Determine appropriate migration approach
Step 6: Predict and plan for migration duration

Download the whitepaper to hear specific tasks, guidance, and commonly experienced pitfalls along the way. Your SharePoint migration is an important journey and the hope is to prepare you to make your trip successfully.