Why Enterprises Need Data Risk Management in an Era of Explosive Data Growth

Unstructured data represents approximately 80 percent of all enterprise information. It’s the world’s fastest-growing form of business data, growing at a rate of 50 percent each year – and a fast-growing challenge for today’s enterprise. It requires new methods of risk management.

It’s nearly impossible for organizations to gain a true understanding of what they have and where it lives. And the reality is that the unstructured data within corporate files can expose organizations to substantial potential compliance, privacy, and legal risks. From corporate secrets to the personally identifiable information (PII) of customers and employees, risk resides deep within unstructured files stored in many places throughout every enterprise.

As a result, organizations need a new approach for data risk management – one that provides the ability to identify, categorize, and safeguard unstructured data at scale.

We’ll provide a deeper understanding of data risk, how it is assessed, how organizations can continuously manage data risk, and what this new era of data management means for IT teams and the business.