5 Ways Unstructured Data Can Cost Financial Services Big Money

The hidden data problem that financial services needs to uncover

There’s no denying that financial services companies collect large volumes of sensitive data every single day in order to deliver value to their customers.

This makes banks and financial institutions a prime target for malicious attacks. On top of this, the financial sector is highly regulated. From Sarbanes Oxley to data protection regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), ensuring compliance with these laws requires having a clear understanding of the data that they’re storing.

Despite their best efforts and investments in cyber resilience, many financial institutions are unaware that their most risky and potentially valuable assets are currently being overlooked—unstructured data.

Without unstructured data intelligence, financial services companies are vulnerable to data breach and limited in their ability to mitigate potential damage.

Download the white paper and find out how to solve this unstructured data problem to be able to regain control, comply with regulatory requirements, and reduce financial risk.