You Can’t Govern Data You Don’t Understand: A Modern Approach to Discover and Manage Unstructured Data

With unstructured data accounting for over 90% of enterprise data and increasing by 50% annually, organizations must include unstructured data discovery and classification in their approach to data governance.

Humans can’t keep up with the exponential growth of unstructured data or the mounting regulatory pressure for data quality and protection. While many organizations have implemented automated solutions, they often lack a crucial element for successful data management: a comprehensive understanding of unstructured data across the enterprise.

You can’t govern what you don’t understand – but with the right approach, those insights are within reach to help you continuously classify, manage, and protect your data. This session will reveal a modern approach to help organizations better understand how to gain control of their unstructured data and build a successful data management strategy that keeps up with the demand.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to begin your unstructured data discovery journey, including strategies to identify where sensitive data resides, which users are accessing it, and how it’s being shared externally and internally (Spoiler Alert: You may not like what you find!)
  • How to implement an “always on” approach to data management that keeps up with unstructured data growth and an evolving regulatory environment
  • Key characteristics to look for in any automated data classification and management platform, including repository access, policy-based actions, and the use of AI

Watch on demand now to better understand how to classify and manage your unstructured data.

Presented By

Steve Woodward DryvIQ Headshot

Steve Woodward

Steve is the Chief Product and Innovation Officer for DryvIQ and has over 27 years in the Information Technology industry. He has designed, built, and delivered ECM applications for several Fortune 500 companies, including some of the country’s largest insurance and financial companies. Steve, a Microsoft Certified Professional with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Six Sigma Green Belt, has also worked within the manufacturing industry IT space, delivering inventory management, data warehouse, and workflow applications. Via historical roles as a developer, team lead, and development lead, Steve has managed all phases of the software lifecycle, including design, development, documentation, automated testing, and QA. As a hands-on executive, he has delivered several enterprise-class ECM solutions leveraging a variety of workflow engines and content management platforms.