Webinar on Demand: Box to OneDrive Migrations Made Easy


DryvIQ joins Forsyte IT Solutions on how to successfully execute your Box to OneDrive migration project.

Sparked by reasons including cost savings, a desire to eliminate 3rd party solutions, and a drive for improved remote productivity, organizations are looking to make the shift from Box to OneDrive. Often they are afraid of the large commitment it can take to complete such a daunting task.

The secret to a better Box to OneDrive migration lies in how you plan, assess, and remediate your source environment. We’ll show our proven approach to planning, assessing, and migrating even the largest sets of users and data.

Join us as we walk you through best practices and strategies to ensuring a better Box to OneDrive migration with our certified migration experts.

Webinar highlights:

  • Learn how to assess your current source environment
  • Understand potential issues faced during migration
  • Learn best practices and strategies for a better migration
  • Gather insight on the ROI of moving from a third-party storage solution (Box) to the all-up Office 365 platform