The Key to GenAI’s Success: High-Quality, Trusted Data [Forbes Councils]


After 2023, the year of experimentation, organizations and their leadership are now racing to drive business value from Generative AI (GenAI). But to unlock all of GenAI’s potential benefits—optimized operations, improved customer experiences, and automated tasks— without exposing your organization to risk, it’s crucial these technologies are deployed strategically, with unwavering trust in the quality of the organization’s data.

In a recent article published with Forbes Councils, DryvIQ CEO Sean Nathaniel explores the importance of managing the hygiene, quality, and security of unstructured data before scaling enterprise GenAI investments.

“Businesses embarking on GenAI initiatives need relevant, trusted data to avoid another futile digital transformation endeavor. As leaders, we have avoided addressing unstructured data challenges for too long. Gaining control and improving our data management practice enhances the quality and security of our enterprise data, allowing us to unleash GenAI’s full potential and generate immense value.”

The article emphasizes:

  • How insufficient insight into the cleanliness and security of GenAI training datasets can erode trust in the accuracy and quality of the outputs while increasing the risk of exposing sensitive information
  • Why making unstructured data accessible, analyzable, and actionable at scale is paramount for improving data quality and driving business value from GenAI
  • Steps every organization can take to build trust in their unstructured data and overall GenAI strategy

Read the full article on Forbes Councils to learn more about how to unleash the full potential of GenAI with high-quality, trusted data.

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Krystal Elliott
Krystal Elliott