Prioritizing Data Risk, From the Server Room to the Board Room [Forbes Councils]


Data breaches come with significant costs, ranging from financial repercussions to reputational damage and now even personal liability. It is more crucial than ever for board members and leaders to provide support in preventing and mitigating data breaches to protect employees, customers, and the future of their brands. The key lies in understanding data risk at the highest levels of leadership.

In a recent article published with Forbes Councils, we’ve explored the critical role that executive leadership can play in data protection. It’s an important read for boards of directors, executives, and business leaders looking to strengthen their organization’s stance against potential data breaches.

“As the captains of our organizations, we need to champion proactive data protection efforts to help skillfully navigate the new landscape of cyber threats and mitigate damage when a breach inevitably occurs. “

The article emphasizes:

  • Why board members and senior management should prioritize data protection strategies, starting with an exploration of current data management practices
  • How establishing data classification policies, investing in continuous data management, and promoting collective responsibility for data security effectively mitigate financial and legal risks associated with data breaches
  • The importance of implementing these strategies at the executive level to ensure long-term security and resilience

Read the full article on Forbes Councils to learn more about mitigating data risk and securing your business for the future.

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Krystal Elliott
Krystal Elliott