DryvIQ Named Microsoft Content Services Preferred Partner for Project Cortex Launch


DryvIQ Named Microsoft Project Cortex Launch Partner

Content Services Partner Program Preferred Partner for FY21

For the third year, DryvIQ has been announced as a member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. But this year DryvIQ has been welcomed as a Preferred member- the highest tier in the program. Additionally, DryvIQ is recognized as a launch partner of Project Cortex, Microsoft’s latest content services initiative.

To help accelerate customer success with Microsoft 365 Content Services, Project Cortex, and SharePoint, Microsoft launched the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program to support their partners in delivering solutions that make the transformation of your content management approach practical and attainable. This program and its partners help organizations around the globe deploy the Microsoft Content Services platform, which integrates AI and cognitive services with existing Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams technologies.

DryvIQ continues to drive the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 by enabling disruption-free, large-scale migration, and synchronization of content. The DryvIQ platform combines analysis, bi-directional synchronization, and auto-remediation of cross-system friction. With an additional focus on delivering worry-free migration or long-term hybrid coexistence if needed.

With multiple competitive wins under the DryvIQ + Microsoft partnership, the DryvIQ team is thrilled to premier as a Preferred Member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program.

Preferred Partners

The Preferred designation is reserved for Microsoft’s Charter partners who have also completed deep training on business value and technical delivery of solutions for knowledge and insights – including SharePoint Syntex. They work closely with the Microsoft field to plan and deliver solutions directly to customers. Microsoft proudly recognizes them as the launch partners for Project Cortex, including SharePoint Syntex. DryvIQ was selected as one of Microsoft’s 14 international launch partners for Project Cortex.

Indiana University Migrates to OneDrive

Recently, DryvIQ welcomed Indiana University into its growing family of enterprise clients. Once their current cloud storage provider announced they would be increasing costs significantly, Indiana University needed to migrate their 140,000 users and nearly 3PB of content to Google and Microsoft OneDrive.

But eight months after taking on this migration project, IU’s Microsoft O365 team lead Adam Sweeny and Justin Zemlyak, the Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies, were having difficulty charting a path that would preserve all the features of their previous platform in their new platform and would transfer files without significant user intervention. In need of a strong, fast migration solution that could reduce their overall storage costs with minimal disruption, they reached out to Microsoft and Internet2, which eventually connected them to DryvIQ.

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