Global Pharmaceutical Developer Leverages On-Going Synced Migrations for Mergers & Acquisitions


Merger and Acquisition File Migration for Pharmaceutical Developer

Company Profile:

This American pharmaceutical company is an important developer of drugs treating rare disorders. The company also researches immune systems and how they relate to autoimmune diseases.

Currently, the organization employs about 2,400 people worldwide and growing. That’s because it’s managed several mergers and acquisitions over the past four years.

Business Drivers:

Back in 2016, the organization needed to migrate content out of their physical data center to the cloud – and quickly. They selected Box that same year as their cloud solution going forward for all file collaboration. Overall the company was looking to reduce costs by eliminating server maintenance and planning for the future with the ability to scale their cloud storage as needed while the company inevitably grew over time.

The Problem:

However, as part of planning for a future with M&A activity, they needed a migration solution that would be compatible with any potential file storage and collaboration platforms the acquired companies might be using. Not to mention, one that would be compatible with NFS and their SharePoint storage as well.

Additionally, it would be challenging to plan how to migrate not only the US offices but also those internationally. They needed a migration tool that could handle multiple, different tasks, and locations at the same time.

The Solution:

After the organization’s Windows Administrator compared several migration tools, DryvIQ was the only one that had all the needed integrations. DryvIQ could seamlessly migrate data from multiple, disparate systems to their Box environment. “Without DryvIQ, it would probably have been a nightmare to migrate the data from the various companies,” said the company’s Senior Systems Engineer.

Knowing DryvIQ would be key for future mergers and acquisitions, the organization pursued a long-term partnership with the migration provider. With the wide array of connectors that DryvIQ can work with, the company could be prepared for even the most complicated migrations.

The Results:

After the US offices fully migrated from NFS to Box, they then introduced Box to their international offices in 2018. Between 2018-2020, the company completed five acquisitions and used DryvIQ to migrate the data from their various platforms to their Box storage.

And when the company is not in the middle of an M&A, they still use DryvIQ for copying any large data or any ongoing migrations between their SharePoint storage and Box. As of today, the company still has data in SharePoint but plans on migrating it to Box in the future.

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