Key Pillars Of Change Management for GenAI Success [Forbes Councils]


Executive support for AI investments is soaring, and organizations are racing to implement these new technologies to drive tremendous business value. But it’s integral to prepare your workforce, systems, and data for all the business processes that will ultimately be impacted. A lack of focus on change management for GenAI investments may result in wasted potential, user frustration, and financial loss.

In a recent article published with Forbes Tech Councils, DryvIQ CEO Sean Nathanial discusses the importance of leadership while shepherding organizations through the rapid change brought on Generative AI and advancing technologies.

“The era of GenAI represents an opportunity to redefine business models, reap operational efficiencies, and achieve a competitive edge. But it requires a change management strategy that combines technology, strategy, and methodology to drive the intended business value.”

This article discusses the key pillars of change management for GenAI success, including:

  • Visionary Leadership: Beyond articulating the strategy, executives and technology leaders must lead by example. They should be enthusiastic early adopters of GenAI investments, modeling the desired behaviors and attitudes.
  • Data Readiness: CIOs and data owners play a crucial role in ensuring that all enterprise data, especially complex unstructured data, is accessible, analyzable and actionable at scale — prior to unleashing GenAI on this data.
  • Workforce Empowerment: Cultivating an atmosphere where experimentation with GenAI technology is encouraged and failure is viewed as a learning opportunity will foster the adoption of these technologies and provide employees with the runway to maximize their full potential.

The article also provides a list of steps every organizational leadership should take to ready their workforce and their data before investing heavily in Generative AI. Read the full article to learn more about the importance of leadership in change management and how to ensure success during the AI boom.


Krystal Elliott
Krystal Elliott