How to Uncover Dark Data and Mitigate Financial Risk with Intelligent Data Migration


Unstructured data is being created at an ever-increasing rate. With experts predicting that 175 zettabytes of data will be created per year by 2025 (80% of that being unstructured “dark” data), the risk of not knowing exactly what data is being stored is simply too great. Whether it’s critical intellectual property or privacy-related data, organizations must identify and govern “dark data” as part of any migration effort.


Fundamentally, every organization has unstructured, risky data; they simply don’t know what it is or who has access to it. Whether your project is now or later, learn more about uncovering what lies in your dark data so that you can better protect your business and meet data privacy regulations during our intelligent data migration webinar.

You’ll learn about using Intelligent Migration to:

  • Inform destination Information Architecture as well as Sensitivity Labels for use in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies
  • Dynamically drive migration based on classification and sensitivity while also applying sensitivity labels “on the fly”, using a single data management platform
  • Continuously monitor new and modified content to validate sensitivity labels, facilitating data protection and governance

It’s just the beginning of regulations and fines around data privacy and companies can’t afford to continue storing, let alone to migrate, data that they don’t understand.